Good Morning America: Women Bonding In Racy Bachelorette Photo Parties


GMA: Women Taking Racy Bachelorette Photos Together

A budding trend with women sees them taking a…progressive approach to bachelorette photos. Instead of maybe going to Vegas and hiring some male entertainment to take all their clothes off, the women are now taking their own clothes off and posing with each other in the buff for pictures. What?

GMA: Women Bonding Through Provocative Bachelorette Photos

In a new twist on bachelorette photos, women are getting inappropriate photos taken.


Apparently, these photos are attempting to take female bonding to a whole new level, and are used to commemorate milestone events in the lives of friends, such as marriages, disease, or even divorce. One woman, for example, wanted to have photos taken to commemorate her pregnancy, but she didn’t want to go alone, so she brought her friends with her to take pictures, as well.

Good Morning America: Photos Are Heavily Doctored

Chris Lo Bue, owner of Lo Bourdoir Photography, said that women ranging from age 28 to age 62, and are often just looking to get their mojo back or get through emotional hardships by taking photos that the average family doesn’t hang next to their son’s high school graduation photos. What an awkward first visit back from college that would be.

To get women comfortable with the idea of taking it all off for the camera, photographers put clients through extensive makeup sessions, pamper them throughout the process, allow them to bring their own outfits, and even offer airbrushing for those that want it.


Lo Bue said that most women believe that they need a lot more photoshopping than they actually do, which speaks to a much larger issue of self-consciousness. However, at the end of the day, if a woman can get through some tough times by seeing herself glamorized in some provocative photos, who are we to tell them not to get them done?


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