Good Morning America: Why Are Summer Bus Crashes On The Rise?


By Minami Furukawa

Good Morning America: US Bus Crashes Growing This Year

Good Morning America: Megabus Bus Crashes

A recent series of bus crashes puts traveling safety in question, and investigators are working to pinpoint causes.


There have seemingly been an unsettling number of bus crashes this summer, with numerous fatalities reported. A string of accidents within a week’s time has called for alarm: on August 2, a Megabus from Chicago to St. Louis crashed into a bridge pillar, killing one and injuring others.

Good Morning America: Multiple Megabus Accidents

Within a few days of this incident, an elderly woman was struck and killed by a bus in Chicago on August 7. Megabus seems to be having an unlucky streak this summer, with a second accident on board a trip from Atlanta to Charlotte, which caught fire, leaving the passengers to flee the bus.

Bus Crash Causes: NTSB Blames Drivers & Operators

The National Transportation Safety Board blames tired drivers, unsafe operators, and poor oversight for accidents in bus-related accidents this year. Despite the reportings above, the Board claims that the current number of crashes is the lowest in years, and assures the safety of America’s transportation system.



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