Good Morning America: Usher Divorce & Clint Eastwood RNC Interviews


Good Morning America: Usher Divorce – Oprah Interview

Usher sat down with Oprah to talk about the divorce from his wife and the custody battle that proceeded. Usher told Oprah he felt as if his wife and himself were great friends, but the divorce and the court hearings turned them against each other.

Usher said he was in love with his wife, Tameka Foster, and he cried in court as they fought over the custody of the children. Usher also mentioned he was not faithful to his wife through out the marriage, stating that his heart loved her but he didn’t know how to show her. In the end of the court hearings, Usher was given full custody of the children.


Good Morning America: Usher Divorce & Clint Eastwood RNC Interviews

Usher talks about his divorce and Clint Eastwood discusses his famed speech at the RNC.

Oprah ended the interview on a light note asking Usher if he makes love to his own music. Although Oprah seemed surprised at his answer, he said he does, he seems like the kind of person that would do that. I would probably do the same thing if I was Usher. Would you? Let me know in the comments section below.

GMA: Zac Posen Vs Monique L’Huillier Dress

Joe Zee, stylist and creative director for Elle Magazine, went on a mad hunt around New York City to find the perfect dress for Lara Spencer to wear to the Emmys. He met with many different designers including the talented and beautiful Monique L’Huillier and Zac Posen. She tried on what seemed to be hundreds of different dresses in the process of picking out three different dresses for the audience to vote on.


The final three dresses, which viewers can vote for on the Good Morning America website, are a deep purple one-shoulder dress by Badgley Mischka, a satin and tulle ball gown by Zac Posen and a pewter beaded gown by Monique L’Huillier. Good Morning America didn’t want to leave Josh Elliott out of the fun, so you can also go to the Good Morning America website and vote the socks Josh is going to wear to the Emmy’s. I like the striped ones.

Good Morning America: Clint Eastwood RNC & New Movie

Clint Eastwood talked about his new movie, Trouble with the Curve, where he plays a grumpy old man (again) alongside a magnificent Amy Adams, who did such a wonderful job playing his daughter in the movie that many critics think she will get an Oscar nod.

Eastwood also discussed his speech at the Republican National Convention where he talked to an empty chair, pretending President Obama was sitting in the chair. The speech was said to be more memorable than the speech Mitt Romney gave. And Eastwood said it was all done on the fly. He said he was not prepared for the speech and did not want to use a teleprompter because he said he just isn’t good at using them.


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