Good Morning America: Robin Roberts Chemotherapy & Name That TV Tune


Good Morning America: Robin Roberts Chemotherapy

Good Morning America would like everyone to go to Robin Roberts Twitter at @RobinRoberts and send her your best get well wishes as she goes through chemotherapy.

Good Morning America: Name That TV Tune

GMA: Robin Roberts Chemotherapy

Good Morning America host Robin Roberts chemotherapy is about to begin, and her morning show family wished her luck. (Debby Wong /


On a bit lighter of a note, the cast of Good Morning America played Name That TV Tune. George won the last time the game was played and joked he carries around the trophy still.

The 1st song to play, which literally played for less than one second, was the theme song to The Big Bang Theory, which Elizabeth nailed right away. I don’t have any idea how she knew what it was.

The 2nd song, which played for hardly a second before George guessed correctly, was the theme song to Modern Family.


The 3rd song which caught everyone off guard, as they all thought it was another version of Modern Family, was actually the theme song to 30 Rock. George got that tune right as well, while everyone else said they never watch NBC .

The 4th song was the theme to Mad Men, which everyone seemed to buzz in at once, so they gave the point to Lara since she is the most competitive.

The 5th song was the theme to Dancing with the Stars which Elizabeth answered correctly

The 6th song was the theme from an old show Sex and the City which Lara got immediately.

The final song was the theme song from Lost, which only George knew.

After the points were tallied, George took home the win again.

Good Morning America: Behind the Scenes of Hershey Chocolate

Good Morning America spent some time behind the scenes at the Hershey factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The Hershey Kisses, which used to be hand wrapped and packaged, are not packaged by a machine that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. How many Hershey Kisses is that? Well according to Good Morning America the factory turns out enough Hershey Kisses to make a 300,000,000 mile long line of the delicious treats.



  1. Breanna Campbell says

    Hope she gets through it. She’s my favorite person on the show! I have faith that she’ll make it through!!!

    Breanna Campbell 🙂

    By the way love your show:)

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