Good Morning America: PBS Downton Abbey Season 3 Preview & US Premiere


Good Morning America: Downton Abbey Preview

It is finally time for the British sensation Downton Abbey to return for its third season on PBS. It is the most watched show in PBS’s Masterpiece history. In advance of Sunday’s US premiere, Sam Champion talked with cast members about the show’s return.

GMA: Downton Abbey Worldwide Success

Good Morning America: PBS Downton Abbey Season 3 Preview & US Premiere

Good Morning America got a Downton Abbey season 3 preview from the cast, as the drama continues on the hit PBS period drama, with new star Shirley Maclaine. (Jaguar PS /


Six cast members joined Sam to talk about the show’s stunning success. Did the cast know it would be a hit from the beginning? When the cast arrived at the castle for the first time, they expected great things.

Rob James Collier said that the pedigrees of co-star Dame Maggie Smith and series creator Julian Fellowes were another positive sign. But they didn’t suspect that it would be such a hit in the United States.

Good Morning America: Downton Abbey Season 3

Hugh Bonneville said that the response for season three has been a huge hit in the UK, where it has already aired. The drama continues to intensify in season three, as a financial investment goes awry.


With Downton Abbey potentially going up for sale, the entire cast of characters is about to be in turmoil. As for Maggie Smith, the cast loves her and recalled her infamous line, “What is a weekend?”

GMA: Shirley Maclaine Vs Maggie Smith

Shirley Maclaine joined the cast as Lady Grantham’s mother. When she enters the scene, she may seem like a fish out of water, but that should make for compelling television in the new season.

Jim Carter said he had the biggest crush on Shirley and was excited about getting to work with her. Does Anna’s character question her love for Bates? The actress said she never questions her own faith. Shirley even gets the chance to sing in a scene with Maggie Smith in the new season.

Good Morning America: Masterpiece Downton Abbey

What does Sophie McShera think about her character Daisy’s growth over the years? She sounds like she is finally growing a backbone and giving “Thomas a run for his money.”

A new season of Downton Abbey premieres Sunday, January 6 2013 on PBS Masterpiece.


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