Good Morning America: Ostrich Pillow Review & Emmy Winner Tom Hanks


Good Morning America: Modern Family Takeover

Modern Family is taking over Good Morning America this week. Ty Burrell, who plays the nerdy, fun dad Phil Dunphy on the show, stopped by Good Morning America to help the cast out with delivering some news. But not before breaking one of the chairs the moment he walked onto the stage. It’s OK Ty, you looked really tired.

Good Morning America: Sofia Vergara Wardrobe Mishap



Good Morning America: Ostrich Pillow Review & Emmy Winner Tom Hanks

Emmy winner Tom Hanks had a creative idea for getting his award home after the show Sunday night. (Featureflash /

Sofia Vergara almost had a dress meltdown right before going on stage with the cast of Modern Family to accept the award for best comedy series when the back of her dress ripped. Thankfully she had her dress team on hand to sew her back into her dress. Of course, she sent out a tweet later in the evening thanking her dress team for stiching her back up.

That’s normal. Everyone has a dress team, right?


Also, at the after party for the Emmys she brought 19 family members and performed a seductive dance in front of the crowd. She later tweeted “this is how Columbia parties.”

Good Morning America: Tom Hanks Wins Emmy

Tom Hanks won an Emmy for producing the hit HBO political movie Game Change and unlike most people who take the award home and put it on the mantle or store it in the closet to brag to their grandchildren about, Tom Hanks took a new route for his award. He duct taped the award to the hood of his limo and drove it home.

Pretty fancy hood ornament Tom. I like it. I wonder who, and how, someone is going to up stage that spectacle.

Good Morning America: Ostrich Pillow Review

The cast of Good Morning America is probably taking a nap right now. I only say that because they reviewed the Ostrich Pillow on the show this morning. The pillow, which looks more like a really soft helmet with a breathing hole and two arm holes to keep hands ward during sleep, was not received too well by some of the cast but most seemed to think it could be used for a pretty good nap.

And as the cast of Good Morning America pointed out, a 20-minute nap has been shown to increase productivity. Would you use the Ostrich Pillow? Let me know in the comments section below.


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