Good Morning America: Modeling Summer Camp Costs $1000 Per Week


GMA Trend: Young Girls Attend Model Camp

There’s a new trend for young girls who dream of becoming runway stars: modeling camp. The camp allows teens channeling their inner supermodel to try to find out what it takes to have a career on the catwalk.

“It’s camp, it’s summer camp, it’s just like soccer camp or golf camp or math camp and here for the week, everybody’s a model,” Heather Cole, founder of modeling camp said.


Modeling Camp Cost: $1000 Weekly

GMA: Modeling Summer Camp

Young girls can attend a non-traditional summer camp called "model camp" to see if they have what it takes to rule the runway. (Anton Oparin /

There’s no bug spray or sleeping bags at this camp, which costs almost $1000 for the week. Modeling camp gives girls ages 12 – 18 a taste of what it’s like to really be a model.

Girls who attend get world class treatment like exposure to industry pros, professional pictures and training on the catwalk.


Modeling Summer Camp: Wilhelmina & Elite Agencies

The girls even meet with big-time modeling agencies like Elite and Wilhelmina. Business at the camp is booming, and girls from places like London and Venezuela are traveling to the States for the camp.

Cole says shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway are drawing more girls to the industry.

Modeling: Eating Disorders and Underage Exploitation

Some wonder if this camp is a good idea because modeling can have a dark side – eating disorders and underage exploitation. Counselors say they shy away from these heavy topics.

“It’s not appropriate, it’s not our place,” Cole said. “It’s camp, this is summer camp and girls are coming to have fun. We’re not looking to get into anything negative.”

GMA: Runway Show at the End of Model Camp

The camp tries to teach inner beauty…as well as how to pose. There is also a runway show at end of camp for all the parents.

Would you send your daughter to model camp?


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