Good Morning America: Katie Couric Talk Show Premiere Preview


Good Morning America: Katie Preview

Daytime television is a crowded house, and it’s about to get a few more guests with the launch of new fall talk shows from Jeff Probst and Katie Couric, among others. Veteran broadcaster Couric made time to chat with GMA’s George Stephanopoulos from the bright set of her new show.

“Are you ready for this day?” he asked, referencing the title of the theme song Sheryl Crow wrote for Katie’s show.


“I think we all are, and we’re very, very excited, George,” she said.

GMA: Katie Couric Talk Show Guests

Katie Couric Talk Show: GMA

Katie Couric gave GMA a tour of her new talk show set and a preview of upcoming guests & topics. (stocklight /

The week’s guest list includes singer Crow and new mom Jessica Simpson, making her first TV appearance since becoming a mom in May. Heidi Klum will also pop up on the show Wednesday. Jennifer Lopez and Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James are also coming soon.


Aimee Copeland joins Katie Couric Tuesday; she is the quadruple amputee who survived a flesh-eating bacteria.

“She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met,” Katie said. “Her spirit and determination is just completely overwhelming.”

GMA: Katie Couric Talk Show Set

Katie showed off some of the tricks her new set can do, rolling out her cozy conversation area, playing with the disco lights, and bragging about her touch screen, which she uses for social media interaction.

She said she is excited about creating something new, from the staff to the tone to the topics.

“We’ve got such a great variety of topics and guests. It’s been really fun, and for all of us, it’s kind of an emotional day, because we’ve been here from the beginning. And to see us go from sitting around a table, saying, ‘Hey, maybe we should do a show,’ to actually it come to fruition and have a set and a staff and guests, it’s really pretty exciting,” she said.

GMA: Katie Couric Breaking News

Katie said the show will be able to respond to what’s going on and weigh in on breaking news topics. She name-checked producer Jeff Zucker, with whom she worked on the Today Show for many years.

From mornings to the evening news, George pointed out that Katie’s done it all. He wanted to know what makes her new gig different.

“It’s a startup, and I think because you’re creating something from scratch. And as much as I love working for networks, we don’t have a lot of bureaucrats breathing down our necks, telling us what to do. So we have a lot of creative freedom, and I think that’s what makes it so fun and exciting. There are no rules here, at least as far as we’re concerned,” Katie said.

Good Morning America: Katie Couric Premiere

Katie premieres today, September 10 2012, so check your local listings and find out where she’s popping up in your town.


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