Good Morning America: Gator Boys Review & How To Wrestle An Alligator


Good Morning America: Gator Boys Review

What would you do if you came face to face with an alligator in your backyard? Though it may seem scary to most of us, it is all in a day’s work for the Gator Boys, who star in an Animal Planet reality series.

Good Morning America: Gator Boys Review & How To Wrestle An Alligator

Good Morning America shared a Gator Boys review and went along with the reality stars to tame alligators in Florida. Do you know how to wrestle an alligator?


Good Morning America went along on call with the professionals. I’m not sure I would be confident around an alligator, just because its mouth was taped shut. Jimmy Riffle and Paul Bedard are the Gator Boys, who love the animals enough to rescue them from unfortunate fates.

GMA: Nuisance Alligators

So-called nuisance gators have to be killed or kept in a captive environment, such as an Everglades farm. In season two of Gator Boys, the pair are fearlessly facing gators in a variety of sticky situations.

Jimmy said he now prefers to wrangle barefoot with alligators, to ensure that he is comfortable in the heat of the moment. Somehow, he has only been bitten seven times. Together, the pair has over 30 years of experience.


Good Morning America: Animal Planet Gator Boys

The sizes of alligators range from over nine feet to very small. A smaller alligator who was under four feet long was small enough to be released back into the wild.

The Gator Boys have a love-hate relationship with the wild animals. Paul said he prefers sharks and snakes to fuzzy puppies, and that is what has kept him on the job for so long.

Apparently a key to gator wrestling is to exhaust the animal before capturing it. The GMA reporter on this assignment didn’t seem to have the stamina to get the job done, though I’m not sure business casual is appropriate gator wrangling attire.

I could never wrestle an alligator. But you can watch the guys in action on Gator Boys, airing Sunday nights on Animal Planet.


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