Good Morning America: Ducky Dynasty Ratings & Stonehenge Job Opening


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The gang from Duck Dynasty is maintaining a solid empire, and the season finale ratings were big enough to make them the top Pop News story of the morning. Plus, you could get a job at Stonehenge, and there is a squirrel who has appeared in more photos than I have over the past 12 years.

GMA: Duck Dynasty Ratings

Good Morning America: Ducky Dynasty Ratings & Stonehenge Job Opening

Good Morning America reported on the ratings success of A&E’s Duck Dynasty and explained the requirements for a general manager job opening at Stonehenge.


A&E’s reality comedy series Duck Dynasty had its season finale this week, racking up more viewers than American Idol on Wednesday night. The cast of the show, which doubled its ratings this year, will appear on Good Morning America soon.

The show also beat Survivor in the ratings this week. The cast is in talks for pay raises and they will be attending the upcoming White House Correspondents Dinner. I thought that used to be a fancy event for legitimate journalists.

Good Morning America: Stonehenge Hiring

If you are looking for a job, English Heritage needs a general manager at Stonehenge, the famous landmark that has been around for the last 4,000 years or so. This is a new position, charged with maintaining the monument and monitoring visitor experiences, pays around six figures. The job closes May 5.


GMA: Sugar Bush Squirrel Model

Sugar Bush is the world’s most photographed squirrel, according to GMA. She has posed as Einstein, the president, the Statue of Liberty, and many more. She has worn 3,000 costumes in 5,000 photos in a modeling career spanning 12 years.

Her owner rescued her from a tree that was about to be cut down. Photo shoots can take as long as three days, probably because squirrels are not the most cooperative subjects. I guess we can’t even complain that this is a waste of film anymore, since cameras have gone digital.

I would submit that it is a waste of time and energy, since the owner/photographer builds elaborate sets to capture the squirrel in these themed poses. That is too far to go in dressing up your pet.


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