Good Morning America: Clooney Vs Beckham – Who’s Sexier in a Suit?


Good Morning America: Teenage Terrorist in Chicago

The Chicago teen who planned on detonating a car bomb outside a downtown Chicago bar on last Friday night will be appear in Federal Court today on charges of attempting to use weapons of mass destruction. The bomb, which was a dud, was given to the teenager, Adel Daoud, by FBI agents who had been on the case for months.

Good Morning America: Anti-America Protests Erupt

GMA: Clooney Vs Beckham

Good Morning America tells you who is sexier in a suit, Clooney Vs Beckham, and discusses the news around the world for September 17. (s_bukley /


Anti-America protests have been going on all over the Middle East and today seems no different. The protests, which stem from a youtube video which slanders Islamic beliefs, are becoming more violent by the day. Many protesters are also accusing the United States of protecting the person who made the video.

GMA: New Romney Commercials

Mitt Romney has stated he is going to stop making videos about President Obama and start making videos featuring just himself outlining his goals for the presidency.

Good Morning America: Fatal Vision Case

Jeffrey MacDonald, the man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and their two daughters nearly four decades ago, is getting another chance to prove his innocence in court. The case is being brought back to trial with new evidence that was unavailable 40 years ago.  DNA Evidence.


GMA: Children Eating Far Much Salt

A new study shows children are eating 3,387 mg of salt each day, nearly 1,000 more mg of salt than is recommended.

Good Morning America: Resident Evil Tops the Box Office

“Resident Evil: Retribution,” the fifth installment of the highly profitable film franchise, topped the box office this weekend with $21.1 million in movie sales. The big movie news this weekend though, was “The Master,” starring Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, generated just over $700,000 while only showing at five theaters.

GMA: Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez are now dating, according to Good Morning America. The couple was seen holding hands on the street earlier this weekend. But could she be the one? Sanchez said he would only marry a girl who would help him win the Super Bowl. He is having a pretty good season so far. Do you think they should tie the know? Let Recapo know in the comment section below.

Good Morning America: Clooney Vs Beckham?

Who si the worlds sexiest man in a suit? A poll in England has given the sexiest man in a suit award to David Beckham. Sorry George. If it was a poll to see who has the best 5 o’clock shadow in the world, you would have taken it home.


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