Good Morning America: Catfish TV Show, Revealing Internet Love Scams


GMA: Internet Love On Catfish

These days, a lot of people use the internet to fall in love. But do you really know what is on the other side of the screen?

Max Joseph and Nev Shulman have a new series on MTV, Catfish, which looks to document these encounters and see if true love really can be found on the internet and if the person on the other end of the screen is really who they say they are. The show centers around people falling in love with random people who have tailored their internet personalities to be something they wish they were in real life.


The creators have not been immune to be tricked into love either. Shulman has been there before, as he shows in his documentary of the same name, when he met a woman on the internet and fell in love. The woman he fell in love with was named Megan. But in the end, Megan turned out to be Angela, a person he knew nothing about.

Good Morning America: Catfish TV Show, Revealing Internet Love Scams

Good Morning America talked with Nev Shulman and Max Joseph about the new MTV show Catfish.

Good Morning America: MTV Catfish

Joseph and Shulman hit the road to help other people meet their online loves.


They met Sonny on one their adventures. Sonny said she met Jameson on the internet eight months ago but they have yet to meet in person. Jameson, a chiseled, handsome young man, told Sonny he is taking online courses to become an anesthesiologist and writes the cue cards for Chelsea Lately, which seemed a bit fishy to Shulman. But Sonny said she can’t help who her heart loves.

After doing some research, Shulman convinced Jameson it was finally time to meet Sonny face to face. But Jameson turned out to be someone other than he said he was. Jameson was actually a woman pretending to be Jameson. Sonny was heartbroken.

Don’t worry about Sonny though…she has moved on and is a relationship with someone she met in her hometown.

GMA: What is a Catfish?

Shulman and Joseph told Good Morning America the woman claiming to be Jameson has been tricking other woman into falling in love with her over the internet for years.

Chelsea, the woman claiming to be Jameson, told Shulman she had some terrible experiences with getting bullied when she was younger. To get back at one of her bullies, Chelsea decided to make a fake online profile and mess with one of her tromentors. But what started out as a small prank, turned into four years of manipulating the other woman into falling for Jameson. Chelsea said she liked the attention and she was able to explore her sexuality.

That is a catfish, someone who pretends to be someone they are not using fake identities on the internet to make people fall in love with their online personality. Shulman and Joseph came up with the name catfish from old fishing practices that were used when shipping cod. When cod was shipped from Alaska to China the cod would be mushy when it arrived due to the long trip in barrels with little movement. The shipping companies decided to put catfish in the cod barrels to chase the cod around, keeping the cod agile and less lethargic.

Catfish can be seen Mondays on MTV.


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