Good Morning America: $2.7M Vase, Tiger Woods Masters & New Superman


By Eli Didier

GMA: Man Discovers $2.7 Million Vase

An Ohio man, Randy Buttram, had kept his grandparents’ two 4 1/2’–tall vases sitting around his house for some time before finding out exactly how much they were worth. It turns out they’re worth a lot—$2.7 million, to be exact.


Good Morning America: $2.7M Vase, Tiger Woods Masters & New Superman

Some of Tiger Woods’ moxie seems to have returned as he heads into the Masters this year. (Debby Wong /

The ornamented, painted vases turned out to be rare pieces from Russia, dating back nearly two centuries. Mr. Buttram said he had no idea that the vases were so rare and remembered roughhousing next them at his grandparents’ house as a child. “We’re lucky nobody knocked them over,” he said.

Good Morning America: Tiger Woods Masters 2013

It seems that Tiger Woods’s focus has returned going into the Masters. One reason for this change might have something to do with the presence of his new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, cheering him on from the sidelines.


Tiger isn’t the only player grabbing attention at the Masters, though. Rory McIlroy might be looking to upstage Tiger’s new romance. He apparently made his girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki, his new caddy. I guess the couple that plays together stays together.

14-year-old phenom Tianlang Guan will also be in attendance at the Masters. The golfer from China has garnered a lot of attention for being so young and playing at such a high level. Ticket prices for the Masters this year are also at the highest level they’ve been since Tiger Woods’ debut.

GMA: New Superman Movie

On Good Morning America today, we got a glimpse at what the new Superman movie would look like. It looks like this time around, Superman will be dealing much more with his inner demons, and the movie will take on a more somber tone than in previous remakes. I guess we’ll never get tired of dressing up old stories in new costumes.

Good Morning America: Julian & Max Daily Photos

On a brighter note, GMA reported on a story about a boy whose father was serving in the military overseas, but who found a fun way to stay connected his dad. Every day, before Julian Becker heads off to school, he poses with his dog, Max—a 165 pound Newfoundland.

The pair dress up in goofy outfits and snap a photo. Julian sends the pictures to his dad, a U.S. naval officer, as a way to stay in touch. Their morning routine has also nurtured a bond between Max and Julian. Julian’s mother says that it’s their way of taking care of each other.


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