GMA: Zachary Maxwell Yuck School Lunch & Mireille Enos World War Z


GMA: Zachary Maxwell Yuck Review

A 4th grader’s hidden-camera documentary detailing the food being served in elementary school cafeterias is making waves. A covert six-month mission by 11-year-old Zachary Maxwell entitled Yuck compared the descriptions of meals on school lunch menus to what was actually being served in his cafeteria, which turned out to be quite different.

The New York City Department Of Education and did not find anything wrong with their current meals, in a classic public relations move. Zachary Maxwell’s father, however, was very proud of the spunk and spirit that he showed by putting together the documentary.


GMA: Zachary Maxwell Future Projects

GMA: Zachary Maxwell Yuck Review & Mireille Enos World War Z Review

Zachary Maxwell’s documentary, Yuck, uncovers what school cafeterias are really serving.

Zachary Maxwell thought that seeing his documentary not only on the big screen, but with an audience that laughed “when they were supposed to” was a very good experience. However, he also reported that his undercover operation did not come without a little fallout, and that the school now says that any student caught filming can now be suspended.

Despite this new rule, Zachary isn’t done with filmmaking, however. He said that he is currently working on another project detailing his class’s last days together before they go their separate ways for middle school. After that, he is making yet another film about puberty and what girls think about guys with braces, since he himself will be getting braces soon.


Falling in line with his documentary, Zachary Maxwell said that he doesn’t really care for anything on his school’s lunch menu.

GMA: Mireille Enos World War Z Review

Mireille Enos, who is playing the role of Karin Lane, the wife of protagonist Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt) in upcoming zombie flick World War Z, came on the show today to fill us in on some details of the movie. Unlike the rest of pop culture, Mireille Enos never caught the zombie bug, having never seen any zombie movies or acted in any of them. There was a scene in World War Z that involved running up a flight of steps that they had to run up for a week, which Mireille said was the most difficult to film.

World War Z will be opening June 21, 2013.


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