GMA: Yahoo Removes Work At Home Option & Daddy’s Money Sketcher Shoes


GMA: Yahoo Work At Home Controversy

A new memo Yahoo sent out to all of its employees has caused a huge uproar. The memo banned employees from working from home, requiring them to come into the office. A lot of working parents at the company are very upset. The employees say that working from home is the way the future is going. The company says that the move will lead to greater collaboration and greater innovation between employees.

GMA: Lisa Belkin & Tina Brown

Tina Brown, editor in chief of The Daily Beast, and Lisa Belkin, senior columnist for The Huffington Post, joined Elizabeth Vargas on Good Morning America February 27 2013. The two women and journalists were on opposing sides of the issue.


GMA: Yahoo Removes Work At Home Option & Daddy's Money Sketcher Shoes

Many working mothers at Yahoo were upset by a recent memo telling them CEO Marissa Mayer’s new policy that working from home would no longer be allowed at the company.

Lisa Belkin felt that the workplace has changed a lot in the past few decades. She said that families and responsibilities have changed in the home and that taking the option of work at home completely off the table was something she objected to. She said that a lot of working parents rely on working at home to be able to take care of their children and do the work. She said that it’s something that should be looked at person to person, rather than a general requirement for the entire office.

Tina Brown said that at The Daily Beast, they do allow work at home. But she said that she felt Yahoo was on the right track, because Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was making strides to try and change the company. She said that Mayer is trying to make sure everyone knows everyone and that there’s a culture there for innovation. She said that there is something to be said for working at the office, otherwise the interview would be taking place in Elizabeth Vargas’ bedroom.


GMA: Daddy’s Money Sketcher Shoe Under Fire

The shoe company Sketchers has come under fire for marketing a shoe to preteen girls called Daddy’s Money. The tagline for the shoe says, “Get spoiled with Daddy’s Money, ultra-cool shoes that put you in the spotlight.” Mothers in the blogosphere are getting upset with the shoe company, saying the ads are sexist.

Ericka Souter, editor for Cafe Mom’s “The Stir,” said that the ad was ridiculous. “It teaches young girls that they can use their feminine wiles to get what they want, even from their own fathers,” Souter said. Parenting coach Tammy Gold said that at that age, it’s important to motivate the young girls to be independent and to get things for themselves.

But Sketchers said that the ad was designed to be fun and lighthearted and that they “regret that some people have been offended by the name.” What do you think about Sketchers’ new ad? Would you let your daughter wear the shoes?


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