GMA: Wimbledon Raises Prize Money 40% & Reality Show to Shoot on Mars


GMA: Wimbledon Raising Prize Money

The stakes at Wimbledon have been raised but I don’t think any of the competitors are going to be complaining. Executives at the tennis club say they are increasing the prize money for the winners of the tournament by 40 percent, an increase they are calling the largest single increase in the history of professional tennis. Winners of the tournament can expect to take home $2.4 million, up from $1.75 million last year.

The tennis club must have some money coming in from somewhere because they also announced they will be adding a retractable roof over the tennis courts.


GMA: Wimbledon Raises Prize Money 40% & Reality Show to Shoot on Mars

Good Morning America reported Wimbledon is raising their prize money 40 percent, and a reality show is aiming to start filming on Mars in 2022. (image credit: Stuart Slavicky,

GMA: Backstreet Boys Get Star On Walk Of Fame

The Backstreet Boys had the honor of getting their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame over the weekend. They had a concert after the ceremony to celebrate their 20 year anniversary together.

More good news for Backstreet Boys fans. The group is coming to Good Morning America sometime in May for a big performance.


GMA: Reality Show To Shoot On Mars

There is literally a reality show for everything. Right? Wrong. A Dutch production company has started casting for a reality show to be shot on Mars. The executive producers of the show are looking for people who want to go to space, are strong, healthy, have good survival skills and can speak English. People from over 100 countries have been calling in to the company trying to get their spot on the show but no one has been confirmed yet.

Lara Spencer also reported the company is aiming to shoot the show in the summer of 2022 because they need the time to prepare and because in the summer Mars is only 70 degrees during the day and around -140 at night. At least it will be nice in the morning.

Do you think a reality show will be shot on Mars by 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

GMA: Beautiful Bulldog Competition

Some beauty pageants are more about the wrinkles and drool than they are about being skinny and having nice teeth. The Beautiful Bulldog Competition looked at 45 of the cutest bulldogs this past weekend and picked out a winner for the best looking. Huckleberry was the dog who won. He showed up to the competition in his finest beige suit which was inspired by Forrest Gump.


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