GMA: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish & Are Strapless Dresses OK For Teens?


GMA Pop News: Vanilla Ice

The morning’s serving of Pop News featured an update on the fate of foul-mouthed local TV anchor A.J. Clemente, the newest endeavor for rapper-turned-reality host Vanilla Ice, and a video of a “shark” facing off against a duckling. Plus, are strapless dresses OK for teens?

Good Morning America: A.J. Clemente To ESPN?

GMA: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish & Are Strapless Dresses OK For Teens?

Rapper Vanilla Ice Goes Amish in a new reality show, according to GMA’s Pop News. (Joe Seer /


A.J. Clemente, the former North Dakota news anchor who was fired for cursing on live TV. But he has been a guest on Today, Live!, and the Late Show with David Letterman. He told Dave he would like to wind up at ESPN in the future.

In their recent interview with the anchor, Kelly and Michael gave him a red carpet premiere assignment, but at least that will be taped so they can edit out any gaffes.

GMA: Vanilla Ice Goes Amish

Rapper Vanilla Ice has found a second career as a reality TV host. Following the success of The Vanilla Ice Project, he has a second reality series coming soon to DIY.


I guess he is more interested in breaking down homes rather than breaking down rhymes these days. He is teaming up with members of an Amish community to learn their customs and construction tricks. Ice Goes Amish premieres later in 2013.

Good Morning America: Shark & Duckling

A new viral video follows a cat dressed as a shark and riding a Roomba while chasing a duckling around a kitchen floor. Later, a duck enters the picture, also dressed as a hammerhead shark. What a weird pet owner! Don’t you think the pets would be more resistant to being dressed up?

GMA: Strapless Dress Ban

One middle school is making news for its ban on strapless dresses for eighth graders at a dance. The principal said the bare shoulders could be distracting for male students.

Bianna Golodryga said that strapless dresses were allowed in the past, and a majority of female students planned to wear them. But a new principal wanted to change the policy, raising ire from parents at Readington Middle School in New Jersey.

Good Morning America: Are Strapless Dresses OK For Teens?

Mother Melissa May said it sends a bad message to kids, suggesting that women are judged by what they wear, while men are not. May is speaking out for her daughter and other girls, fighting the policy at the school.

Another mom, Charlotte Nijenhuis wrote a letter protesting the change in policy. Students said it is very difficult to find dresses that are not strapless, due to modern fashion trends.


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