GMA: Troian Bellisario Pretty Little Liars & Is Spencer On the A Team?


GMA: Troian Bellisario Pretty Little Liars

Troian Bellisario, star of Pretty Little Liars, came by Good Morning America to talk about the show and the finale, which will air March 19 2013. If you’ve somehow missed the ups and downs of the soapy and mystery-filled Pretty Little Liars, here’s a brief summary: one year after their manipulative friend disappears, four girls begin receiving threatening texts from someone calling themselves “A.” A tortures the girls with blackmail, breaking into their homes and doing creepy stuff inside and occasionally physically attacks them. This season, there was a revelation that A isn’t just one person, but actually several.

GMA: Troian Bellisario Pretty Little Liars & Is Spencer On the A Team?

Troian Bellisario came by GMA March 18 2013 to talk about the highly anticipated finale of Pretty Little Liars and to play two truths and a lie with the anchors. (Helga Esteb /


Troian Bellisario’s character Spencer Hastings, one of the four main characters, appeared to go over to the dark side and join the A team in the last episode. But any diehard fan of the show knows that on Pretty Little Liars, looks can be deceiving. Personally, I think the last episode hinted that Mona, the only for sure member of the A Team, might actually be a victim in a much larger game. If that’s the case, it’s possible Spencer joined the team to take it down from the inside. But we’ll have to see if I’m right.

Troian Bellisario: Spencer Hastings Really Part Of the A Team?

Troian Bellisario said a lot is going to be revealed and confirmed that Spencer is working with the A Team. So if you were hoping that maybe Spencer didn’t join the A Team and the last few minutes of the most recent episode just meant that Spencer happened to like looking at black A Team-style hoodies by herself and the ominous music playing in the background was an unfortunate coincidence, you’re out of luck.

“She’s kind of betrayed the girls and crossed the line,” Bellisario said. “This season finale’s actually going to reveal a lot of the inner workings of the A Team. Who’s on it? Who’s not? Who can be trusted?”


Does this mean we’re finally going to find out once and for all if Toby Cavanaugh was bad or good and if the body they found was really him? Unfortunately, Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer didn’t ask this question. Troian Bellisario probably couldn’t answer it anyway, but they really dropped the ball on that one.

GMA: Troian Bellisario Two Truths & a Lie Game

Troian Bellisario played two truths and a lie with the GMA anchors. The two truths and a lie were:

  1. Troian Bellisario did her first skydive from 18,000 feet and one week later bungee jumped from 500 feet.
  2. Even though Spencer seems conservative, Troian Bellisario said she’s not. She said she has four well-hidden tattoos.
  3. Troian Bellisario was obsessed with Titanic when she was younger and watched the film 22 times, which is over 71 hours of her life.

It turns out the lie was about the tattoos. Troian Bellisario only has one tattoo, instead of the four.

GMA: Troian Bellisario Upcoming Projects

Troian Bellisario said that her web series Lauren will be returning with more episodes soon and on March 19 2013, her film Consent will be released on iTunes and Netfix.


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