GMA Trend: Rushbiddies Image Consultants Prep Girls for Sorority Rush


Good Morning America: Sorority Rush Image Consultants

Many young women heading off to college choose to join a sorority. The competition to get into the best sorority at schools is getting tougher, and girls are now hiring expensive image consultants to prepare them for rush.

“They’re judging you on what you look like and what your clothes are like,” college freshman Ari Berman said.


GMA: Rushbiddies Cost $300 Per Hour

GMA Trend: Rushbiddies Image Consultants Prep Girls for Sorority Rush

In the latest GMA trend, image consultants, including the Rushbiddies company, charge top dollar to prep college girls for sorority rush.

Berman decided to hire professional image consultant Samantha Von Sperling to help her get into her top choice sorority. For $300 an hour, Von Sperling coaches young girls on what to wear and say during sorority rush via video chats.

“The more that she’s helped me prepare, you know, selling myself, I feel like I have more of an edge on the competition,” Berman said.


Berman coaches her clients from Manhattan, while Pat Grant and Marlea Foster work in  the Alabama area. Together, they form the company Rushbiddies.

“Every young woman needs someone to edify her, to uplift her, and that’s what we’re doing,” Grant said.

Sorority Rush Dos and Don’ts

Some of the Rushbiddies’ dos and don’ts include:

  • Bring an emergency kit with you with makeup and a rain jacket so that your party dress doesn’t get ruined in a sudden downpour
  • Know your audience–in the South, wearing black is a no-no and wearing Lilly Pulitzer dresses is a plus
  • Don’t forget how important good grades and extracurricular activities are

Good Morning America: Are Consultants Necessary?

“Girls shouldn’t feel like it’s necessary to pay money in order to get into a sorority, because girls will be just fine if they just act like who they are,” Allison Everett, a sorority member at New York University told GMA’s Lindsay Davis.

Child psychiatrists are worried that when parents hire these image consultants, they’re sending their kids the wrong message.

“It sends the message that the child is incompetent and that we must have a consultant to apply to a sorority,” child psychiatrist Dr. Ned Hallowell said. “If you don’t let them do that on their own, what in the world are they ever going to do on their own?”

GMA: Do Image Consultants Hurt Sorority Girls?

The image consultants say they aren’t hurting anyone.

“You are giving your child only the best advantages when you’re using a consultant,” Foster said.

Two weeks after leaving for Chapman College, Ari shared that she was a new member of Alpha Pi.

“I’m so excited, this is such a dream come true,” Berman said.

Would you consider hiring an image consultant? Do you think this helps girls or harms them in the long run?


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