GMA: Tori Kelly “Fill a Heart” Musical Performance & End Child Hunger


GMA: Tori Kelly Ending Child Hunger

Musician Tori Kelly is taking the world by storm, one YouTube video at a time. She’s a musician who was once rejected from season nine of American Idol during Hollywood Week, not making the “Top 24.” Now, she’s got 30 million views on YouTube and the album she made in her bedroom, Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly, is selling very well on YouTube. And she’s only 20-years-old. I bet Simon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe are kicking themselves now.

Tori Kelly told Josh Elliott that she was asked by Feeding America to write a song about ending child hunger. She said she’ll also be going on a tour for “Fill a Heart” and that information is available on her website.


GMA: Tori Kelly "Fill a Heart" Musical Performance & End Child Hunger

Tori Kelly’s song “Fill a Heart” was written to raise awareness about child hunger and with the hopes to end it. Feeding America asked her to write the song. (Sadik Gulec /

GMA: Tori Kelly “Fill a Heart” Musical Performance

From the steel-stringed strums of Tori Kelly’s “Fill a Heart” opening chords, it was clear that though she might’ve recorded her first album in her bedroom, she won’t be doing that for her second. Unless, of course, she wanted to. Tori Kelly’s raw talent is open and honest. With every raspy note, Tori Kelly sings with the passion of someone who truly believes in her music, but with the restraint of a seasoned artist.

GMA: Tori Kelly Comparisons

There will undoubtedly be comparisons to Taylor Swift for the young Tori Kelly – she’s a young female singer/songwriter with a guitar and curly blonde hair. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but Tori Kelly’s music couldn’t be more different. There’s a soulfulness to Tori Kelly’s music that Taylor just doesn’t have.


There’s also a tenderness to it. At one point during her performance on GMA, Tori Kelly’s voice seemed like it was about to break before hitting back on the note she wanted. This was not a mistake from an amateur. Instead, Tori Kelly seemed to have done this on purpose, for brilliant effect. It made the music sound even more honest. And if it wasn’t on purpose, she recovered well enough for me to be convinced. Tori Kelly is going places. Listen and see if she doesn’t fill your heart with great music.


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