GMA: Tom Bergeron Jumps On Anchors’ Table & Honey Boo Boo Harlem Shake


GMA: Honey Boo Boo Harlem Shake

You’ve seen the Harlem Shake dance craze that’s been blowing up YouTube. Remember the Australian miners who all got fired for their video doing the Harlem Shake on the job? That’s right. Some people may be collecting unemployment checks because of their love of the great dance.

But I know a lot of us were wondering why more reality stars weren’t doing the dance. Rest assured Harlem Shake lovers: on Good Morning America March 15 2013, everyone’s favorite little girl, Honey Boo Boo, and the cast of her show all did the Harlem Shake. Honey Boo Boo referred to it as “Good Morning America Harlem Shake Edition.” It was just the beginning of some intense silliness happening this morning on the show.


GMA: Tom Bergeron Jumps On Anchors' Table & Honey Boo Boo Harlem Shake

Tom Bergeron came by GMA March 15 2013 and everyone acted silly in the glee of a Friday morning. (s_bukley /

GMA: Tom Bergeron Jumping On Table

Continuing their countdown to Dancing with the Stars’ Monday March 18 premiere, the host of DWTS, Tom Bergeron, stopped by GMA to sit down with the anchors as they delivered the morning news. But first, he had to complete a dare. Elizabeth Vargas, sitting in for Robin Roberts this morning, had dared him to jump onto the anchors’ table when he came out. The table has a glass cover and everyone seemed doubtful that it was a good idea. But jump on it he did, as every one of the anchors held on to the edges. Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer held up signs that said “10,” as though they were judging his performance, which really makes you wonder: were those “10” signs under their desk the whole time? And if so, why?

Also, if you’re still loving the Harlem Shake and want to see even more reality stars do the dance, don’t worry: Tom Bergeron said that since Dancing with the Stars does theme weeks, it’s very possible you’ll see the Harlem Shake on the show.


GMA: Another Carnival Cruise Ship In Trouble

Carnival apparently can’t stop having troubles. Another Carnival cruise ship, Legend, has been forced to skip a stop after problems with their speed. Right now they’re slowly returning to port. This is the fourth Carnival cruise ship in a month in trouble. This is coming after the infamous Carnival incident where one of their ships lost power and was stuck out in the ocean for days.

GMA: Julianne Hough Car Robbery

Julianne Hough returned to her Mercedes after leaving her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest’s house to find the door wide open and $100,000 worth of jewelry taken from it. This really makes you wonder, who keeps $100,000 worth of jewelry in a parked car? I know people who hide their radios when they park in front of their own house in good neighborhoods who are just paranoid about something happening to their radios. And those only cost a couple hundred dollars.

GMA: Green Tea and Coffee May Reduce Stroke

Meanwhile, in the endless debate on whether coffee is good for you, a new study found that four cups of green tea or just one cup of coffee a day can reduce your risk of stroke by up to 20 percent.

GMA: Titanic Violin Found In an Attic

The violin played on the Titanic the night the ship went down was found in an attic in England. The violin is battered and stained, but it has now been authenticated. It’s expected to go for $600,000 at an auction. I hope no one leaves it in their car.

Tom Bergeron said that the violin should be played on a Carnival cruise ship. Poor taste? This writer thinks so. But his comment did make Lara Spencer invite him to comment on pop news as well.

GMA: Matthew McConaughey Gets His Muscles Back

Actor Matthew McConaughey lost a lot of weight for a movie, and now the weight is back and his muscles are back. But wherever this story was supposed to go was lost in the midst of the anchors’ silliness. Lara Spencer begged for a Magic Mike clip that never came and Sam Champion claimed, “Everything moves, wiggles, jiggles or bounces in pop news.” This comment was in response to Tom Bergeron wondering out loud why Matthew McConaughey’s name was bouncing on the screen. Lara Spencer repeated Sam Champion’s words and seemed very annoyed by them.

GMA: Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Sun Summit

Jennifer Garner said she missed Ben Affleck’s beard at the Neutrogena Sun Summit in New York. Tom Bergeron asked Lara Spencer what happens at the Neutrogena Sun Summit. Someone off-camera, possibly Sam Champion, said that people “bounce and jiggle.” Tom Bergeron suggested they just put sunscreen on each other the whole time. “Anyway, Jen likes the beard,” Lara Spencer said.


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