GMA: Three-Year-Old In Wheelchair Stopped By TSA On Disney World Trip


GMA: Three-Year-Old In Wheelchair Stopped By TSA

It would have to take a lot to get a little kid to say, “I don’t want to go to Disney World.” Three-year-old Lucy was stopped by TSA when her family was on their way to vacation in Orlando. Lucy was in a wheelchair and the TSA wanted to pat her down and check her wheelchair. Before her mother allowed it, she got out her cell phone and video taped the whole thing.

GMA: Three-Year-Old In Wheelchair Stopped By TSA On Disney World Trip

Lucy, 3, was stopped by TSA on her way to Disney. They patted her down and checked her wheelchair while her mother recorded the incident.


Lucy was crying and the TSA told her mother to put away the phone. She said she wouldn’t allow anyone to touch Lucy without being taped. Then TSA refused to give Lucy back her stuffed animal, Lamby, even though it had already been screened. Lucy told her mom she didn’t want to go to Disney anymore.

TSA has apologized for the incident. They regretted the inaccurate guidance the family was given. The family accepted the apology and wants TSA to learn more about how to treat children.

GMA: Robin Roberts Fist Bump

Josh Elliot joked they had 174 cameras on Robin yesterday, one for every day she was out. They showed a video of her fist bumping as she went into work yesterday, well before 5 a.m. Her doctors emailed her right after and said she’s not allowed to fist bump, she has to touch elbows. All of these precautions are to help Robin stay healthy so she can continue to recover.


GMA: Breakup Murder

Jodi Arias is standing trial for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. The killing happened in 2008 and she is now recounting every detail of her life from that ill-fated relationship. When Alexander was killed, Arias told investigators she did not harm him. Now she has changed her story and said she did kill him. Her new twist is that she doesn’t remember anything about hurting him. She has no memory of shooting or stabbing Alexander, but has many other memories to offer the jury.

Arias remembers details of what she ate, buying Diet Coke and drinking Costco water in the desert after killing Alexander. Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams followed the case and watched Arias while she testified for the defense. Abrams said she was a good witness and remembered to cry at all the right moments. Grace laughed that the woman was horrible with the facts. She saw the jury taking detailed notes, and when Arias said she didn’t remember they sat back and looked at her skeptically.

Nancy Grace found numerous inconsistencies in the testimony and other reports. According to the medical reports, Alexander was shot after he had been stabbed and slashed ear to ear. Arias said she shot him first in self defense. She also said that Alexander broke her ring finger, but during the testimony her finger straightened out. Gace firmly believes that Arias lied.


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