GMA: Right Way To Wear Pumps & Woman With Cancer Has Funny Friends


GMA: The Wrong Way vs. The Right Way To Wear Pumps

Lori Bergamotto, contributing style editor of Lucky magazine, came by Good Morning America February 13 2013 to talk about the right way and wrong way to wear platform pumps.

GMA: Right Way To Wear Pumps & Woman With Cancer Has Funny Friends

You may have already suspected, but this is definitely an example of a tragic platform pump failure. No one would look good in these.


Lori Bergamotto said she is asked often by women how they can make themselves look taller. Pumps are the answer, but many women are wearing them wrong. To show what she meant, Lucky staffers modeled different outfits with pumps to show the do’s and don’t. Basically, it all came down to this list of don’ts:

  1. Don’t wear platform pumps in loud colors or prints. This does nothing for you and calls attention to the fact that you’re trying to look taller. Lori Bergamotto said that platform pumps are inherently a bold silhouette, so calling even more attention to that is tragic.
  2. Don’t wear platform pumps in a color that doesn’t complement your skin tone. This will especially become obvious if the platform pump has an ankle strap.
  3. Don’t wear fancy platform pumps with casual attire. Again, this calls attention to them.

The key is wearing platform pumps that complement your skin tone, in a muted color, with clothes that make sense with them.

GMA: Hilary Facing Illness

Because Robin Roberts’ return is only a week away, Good Morning America wanted to feature just one of the millions of other people facing an illness. GMA did a special on Hilary, a 49-year-old woman with ovarian cancer.


Hilary has 17 girlfriends, or Team Hilary as they call themselves. Every week, Team Hilary surprises Hilary with something that makes her laugh. This includes the time they all dressed like cheerleaders and did a dance, or the time they got her Deacon to dance to Gangnam Style. Deborah Rimmele, an RN at the hospital where Hilary stays, said that she’s seen the variety that Team Hilary brings. She said that there are days when everyone needs to laugh and Team Hilary brings that.

For Hilary’s 10th treatment, nine members of Team Hilary took work off and came to the hospital with a surprise. They gave Hilary a tiara and pink gloves and sang the theme song of Friends to her.

GMA: Five-Year-Old Held Hostage In Bunker

Dr. Phil talked to the mother of five-year-old Ethan, who was held hostage in a bunker by a gunman. Dr. Phil then talked to Good Morning America.

He said he thought that the boy’s memories will have decayed by the time he is a teenager. For now, the boy likes to stay close to his mother and that bond is very important. Dr. Phil plans to follow up on Ethan in the future.


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