GMA: Texxxan Revenge Photo Website + GoDaddy Sued By Women Exploited


GMA: Women Against Revenge Photos

A group of women in Texas are fighting their exes for posting inappropriate photos of them on the internet. Revenge photo websites like Texxxan and others hosted by allow users to put inappropriate photos up, along with personal information about the person.

GMA: Texxxan Revenge Photo Website + GoDaddy Sued By Women Exploited

Women are fighting back against revenge website Texxxan.


GMA: Holly Toups & Marianna Taschinger Fight Back

Holly Toups was working as a teacher’s assistant when coworkers approached her about inappropriate photos on the internet. She had no ida what they meant until they showed her photos of herself on Texxxan. An ex-boyfriend had taken photos she sent him while they were dating and posted them on the website.

Marianna Taschinger has a similar experience when her private photos appeared on Texxxan, along with personal information about herself. When people post these photos they often include emails, names and addresses of the people in the photos, hence revenge photos. Taschinger said she didn’t know that people could be this horrible and that Texxxan exploits people.

Toups said she once felt ashamed about the scandal, but now she is using it to help other women in the same situation.


GMA: Texxxan Sued

Toups and Taschinger teamed up to take down the site. They filed a lawsuit against Texxxan and it’s hosting website,, for damages resulting from the photos. Other women are taking stands against revenge websites. Groups like Women Against Revenge post the stories of the victims and create petitions that others can sign to further their cause.

GMA: The Future of Texxxan

Texxxan currently has a vote on their website where anyone can vote on what to do with Texxxan. 90% have voted to keep the website going. So many people have visited the site that has taken control of the site, but users can still post photos and visit the site at their convenience.


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