GMA: Teenage Boys Pregnant in New Ad & Princess Diana Biopic Trailer


Good Morning America: Princess Diana Biopic Trailer

Get ready for your morning dose of chills, America. Naomi Watts as Princess Diana in the new biopic Diana has already been throwing the world for a loop. The resemblance uncanny and the new trailer for the film is about to debut. E1 Films gave Good Morning America viewers the first look at the film. Watts does an excellent job, featured in all of Diana’s iconic looks from her Red Cross vests to evening gowns and tiaras.

Diana is based on the book Diana: Her Last Love and chronicles the Princess’s love affair with Hasant Khan, played by LOST’s Naveen Andrews. The film is set to release on September 20 2013 in the U.K. This is a film that has extreme pressure surrounding it.


GMA: Teenage Boys Pregnant in New Ad & Princess Diana Biopic Trailer

In a Chicago advertisement, teenage boys are sporting pregnant bellies to encourage safe practices. And a trailer for the Princess Diana biopic revealed.

GMA: Oprah Donates $12 Million to Smithsonian

Oprah Winfrey has spent her whole career listening to stories and now she is going to be a part of sharing her heritage and Black history with the world. Winfrey has donated $12 million to the Smithsonian Museum for their new National Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum will open in 2015 and is planned to be located adjacent to the Washington Monument.

Good Morning America: What Will Humans Look Like in 20,000 Years

A scientist has learned to use Photoshop, guys! The scientist believes that in 20,000 years the brain will grow and we’ll have a communication lens built into our eyes. We’ll all resemble Twilight bobbleheads, basically.


In 60,000 years, we’ll have Snooki-like skin pigmentation, the brain will continue to grow and the eyes will get bigger to accommodate dimmer lighting. He believes that we’ll eventually leave Earth and be living on space colonies farther from the sun. In 100,000 years, larger eyes and darker skin pigment to protect us from UV rays. At that point, we’ll all resemble Japanese anime characters.

GMA: Boys Get Pregnant in New Chicago Teen Pregnancy Ads

Well, this is a new form of pregnancy prevention for sure.  Chicago has seen a drop of 33% in teen pregnancy recently, but they are still higher than the national average. In an attempt to freak out teens and encourage safety, a Chicago ad company has impregnated teenage boys on their new ad campaign.

“We wanted it to be provocative,” said the public health department. “We wanted this campaign and those images to spark a conversation and that’s exactly what we’re getting.”

Dr Karyn Gordon and the ladies of The View support the ads. Teen in Chicago who saw the ads said that it does make them think differently. Milwaukee saw a 10% decline in teenage pregnancy after running similar ads, New York saw a 27% decline. The Chicago ads will only run for a month, but education and free resources will always be around.


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