GMA: Taylor Swift “22” Music Video, Kelly Osbourne & The Yukon Men


GMA: Taylor Swift “22” Music Video

Taylor Swift released her new official music video for “22” on Good Morning America March 13 2013. Taylor Swift said in a message shortly before a clip of the video was aired on GMA that since 13 is her lucky number, she thought March 13 would be the perfect day to release the video. The video was only shown in part on the show. It seems like a lot of Taylor Swift’s other music videos involve her looking starry-eyed at a boy from a bedroom window or a table at a diner. This is not one of those videos.


GMA: Taylor Swift "22" Music Video, Kelly Osbourne & The Yukon Men

Taylor Swift released her new official music video for “22” on GMA March 13 2013. (Featureflash /

Instead, Taylor Swift enlisted her real life best friends to act out what her idea of “22” looks like. In this case, that includes dressing like cats and laying on beaches in piles of people. The video also had a lot of dancing in kitchens, at the sides of pools and in front of white boards.

Good Morning America: Taylor Swift “22” Video

Taylor Swift wore a shirt throughout the video that says, “Not a lot going on at the moment,” possibly an ironic nod to her lightning strike success that seems to come at everything she does. Everybody seemed to be having a lot of fun in the video, even if it doesn’t entirely make sense, which is probably the best route for a music video for a song whose chorus is, “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22.”


Of course, any Taylor Swift fan probably already knows every word of the song, so this release is more of a photo op than anything. Still, it’s a fun video to watch.

GMA: The Yukon Men

GMA did a profile of the reality show The Yukon Men, which takes viewers inside what it’s like to live in the snowy fields of Alaska, where people have to drill through ice to get water and hunt for food. The show airs on Discovery Channel and shows real life people’s daily struggle for survival. Even though the show seems to desperate for the Yukon men, it looked beautiful, with lots of wonderful sunrises. All of the Yukon men seemed to have nothing but smiles and kind words about their lifestyle.

GMA: Kelly Osbourne Seizure

Kelly Osbourne made the news last week, when she went to the hospital after having a mystery seizure on the set of Fashion Police. Doctors aren’t sure why she had a seizure. Doctors were able to use footage from the show to analyze what happened. Neurologists aren’t sure if it was an isolated incident or if it will happen again, although they think it’s possible it’s a one-time incident. Her mother, Sharon Osbourne said on The Talk, “She’s fine. Nobody knows why she had it. But she is fine.”


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