GMA: Tatzu Nishi Columbus Circle Installation – Where’s The Statue?


Good Morning America: Columbus Circle Statue

GMA: Tatzu Nishi Columbus Circle Installation - Where's The Statue?

Good Morning America takes you inside Tatzu Nishi’s newest art exhibit, a room seven stories about the ground. (SeanPavonePhoto /

Many New Yorkers have been wondering where the statue of Christopher Columbus, located in the famous Columbus Circle, has disappeared to. Other people have been questioning why, in the place of the statue, a large amount of scaffolding was erected. No one knew the answer to any of these questions, until today.


Good Morning America: Tatzu Nishi

Japanese born artist Tatzu Nishi, with the help of the Public Art Fund, has literally transformed the Columbus Statue from Columbus Square into the center piece for a very elegant room. He built a walkway to the top of the statue, which is seven stories about the ground, where he built an elegant room, complete with couches, lamps tables, carpet and every other amenity you may find in a normal bedroom.  The room also has unique wallpaper, designed by Nishi, with the likenesses of Michael Jackson and Mickey Mouse stamped on.

The statue is located in the middle of the room and visitors to the room can walk right up to the statue and get a nice up close and personal look of Christopher Columbus. The installation opens tomorrow and tickets are free according to Good Morning America. And be ready for a crowd. The city is estimating nearly 100,000 people will the climb the seven stories to get a look at this amazing statue.

Nishi has been doing installations like this one for many years, taking statues people normally will not be able to see very clearly from the ground and building platforms for people to see the statue as close as possible.


This is  super fun idea. Is anyone in the New York area going to stop by and see the installation? If you do, let Recapo know what you thought about the whole experience.



  1. Patricia Manson says

    I’m looking for the tickets that GMA said you can get online.. Dont see it Columbus ave status apartment seven stories high

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