GMA: Social Media’s Influence On Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath


GMA: Runner From Boston Marathon Talks About Bombings

A runner who was just about to cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon when the bombings went off talked to George Stephanopoulos on GMA April 16 2013. She said that when she heard the noise, she thought it might be part of the race, until she saw an official with a horrified look on his face and realized it was something else. Then, the second explosion went off. Her nine and seven-year-old daughters and her husband were in the bleachers. She said it was terrifying to see it all and that she felt really helpless. She wasn’t sure how to react or what to do. George Stephanopoulos brought up the point that she had just finished a marathon, too, when all of this happened.

This immediately made me think about the trauma surgeon they talked to earlier in the broadcast, who ran the Boston Marathon and then spent the entire day helping people and working in triage to get the critical patients the care they needed. He should be given a medal. That man is a hero.


GMA: Social Media's Influence On Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath

Smartphones and other tools of social media were influential in spreading the word about the tragedy and helping families find loved ones.

GMA: Tufts University Women’s Lacrosse Team Reactions

Four girls from the Tufts University Women’s Lacrosse Team talked to GMA April 16 2013 about their experience during the bombings. The girls were cheering on their fellow students who were in the marathon when the explosions happened. The girls said that when the explosions went off, it was like a stampede, with people running everywhere. One of the girls said they were confused at first, thinking the first explosion was a firework. But when the second explosion went off, they all ran for it. Three of the girls from the lacrosse team were injured during the explosions, but they were released from the hospital and they’re okay now.

GMA: Social Media Helps Spread News Of Boston Marathon Bombings

Social media played a huge role in the spread of information yesterday. Videos of the bombings were captured by smartphones and tweets were sent by people at the Boston Marathon. GMA called them the “first U.S. terrorist attacks of the social media generation,” even though they earlier reported that no one can definitively call this a terrorist attack. Still, social media’s influence on this event is undeniable. News of the event spread through Facebook and Twitter. Within moments after the attack, tweets, photos and videos were spread from tablets and mobile phones across the internet and into news coverage. Some of the images were shocking and graphic.


Google launched a person finder service for people. Ben Affleck and Mark Wahlberg both tweeted about the event, sending their thoughts to the victims and families affected by the bombings.

GMA: Reporter Covering Boston Marathon Talks About Bombings

A reporter for the Boston Globe, Dave Abel, talked to George Stephanopoulos about the explosions. He was there taking video of the runners as they came in. He said when the explosions went off, he wasn’t sure what it was. He wondered whether it was a gas explosion or celebratory gunfire. But it was the second explosion that made it clear that this was something else. “The carnage was really the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen,” Abel said.

He said that whoever planted this bomb was familiar with the marathon. Abel said he’s run three marathons himself and he said when runners come closer to the finish line, there’s a defining roar from the crowd. He said that these bombs were planted at the place where the most people were gathered and the bombs went off at around the four hour mark, when most of the runners were coming by. Abel said these runners were also the runners who are usually running for charity.

He said that in the aftermath, he saw strangers helping strangers, from medical personnel to random spectators, all of them dragging or carrying the injured to the medical tent.


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