GMA: Sinkhole Swallows Tampa Home & Did Ben Affleck Shave His Beard?


GMA: Sinkhole Swallows Home In Tampa, Florida

GMA reported March 1 2013 that a sinkhole appeared in the middle of the night in a home in Tampa, Florida beneath the bedroom, taking down the interior walls and a 36-year-old man that is presumed to be dead. The home continues to be swallowed from the inside. The hole is one hundred feet in size and still growing. Neighboring homes have been evacuated.

GMA: President Obama Meeting With Congressional Leaders

GMA: Sinkhole Swallows Tampa Home & Did Ben Affleck Shave His Beard?

Ben Affleck’s beard was rumored to be for luck and if it was, it paid off. After accepting the Best Picture Oscar for Argo, a film he starred in and directed, Ben Affleck shaved his beard. (s_bukley /


President Barack Obama is meeting with congressional leaders March 1 2013, hoping for a compromise to end the $85 billion in spending cuts set to take effect today. Both sides say there’s very little hope for a compromise.

GMA: Oscar Pistorius Settling Lawsuit

Oscar Pistorius is now trying to settle a lawsuit stemming from a 2009 incident where a woman claimed he closed a door on her. The woman dropped the assault charges, but Oscar Pistorius sued, claiming the case damaged his reputation. Now, he’s been holding talks to try to resolve the case.

GMA: Lance Armstrong Faces Lawsuit

An insurance company in Nebraska is suing Lance Armstrong for $3 million. The company covered the bonuses for some of Lance Armstrong’s Tour De France wins.


GMA: Ben Affleck Shaves After Getting Oscar

After Argo won the Oscar for Best Picture, Ben Affleck’s wife Jennifer Garner brought the clippers and cheered him on to shave his beard. His whole family, including his three kids, were sick of the beard. Now, he’s completely clean-shaven.

GMA: Susan Boyle Making Film Debut

Susan Boyle will star in a new film called The Christmas Candle. It’s set in 1890 and tells a tale of angels and Christmas wishes. The film also stars Les Miserables star Samantha Barks. Susan Boyle said that it was very cold filming in costume on set and she wore long johns underneath her costume.

GMA: Pictures Of Dog “Children”

One couple in the Netherlands is taking pictures of their sheepdogs as if they’re their children and posting them on the internet for everyone to enjoy. The photos include pictures of the sheepdogs having breakfast at a table, posing on a beach, playing chess and even one picture of a dog using an ATM.


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