GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO, Lean In & Women In The Workplace


GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, came by Good Morning America to talk about her new book, Lean In, which is causing what Robin Roberts called a “feminist firestorm,” in part, because it examines the reasons why more women are not in the boardroom.

As Facebook COO, she has been a consultant for world leaders and Forbes listed her as number 10 on its list of most powerful women. A Harvard graduate, Sheryl Sandberg became chief of staff at the U.S. Treasury Department at the age of 29 and joined a small start-up in 2001 called Google. From there, she moved on to Facebook, where she is often credited with helping turn it into the industry it is today.


GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Facebook COO, Lean In & Women In The Workplace

Over the last ten years, there’s been no movement for women at the top of companies across the United States. Why is that? Sheryl Sandberg thinks many factors are involved, but one of the main ones is that women themselves aren’t taking charge, something she talks about in her book, Lean In.

Now, her book is about why she hasn’t seen more women rising to the top with her. When Robin Roberts mentioned at the beginning of the interview that she seemed nervous, Sheryl Sandberg said, “Absolutely. This is Good Morning America. You’re Robin Roberts.”

Good Morning America: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In

Sheryl Sandberg said that one of the reasons she wrote the book is because her daughter asked her why all the presidents were boys. She said she wanted to write the book to raise awareness for women to know they can do everything men can do.


GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Struggles In The Workplace

Sheryl Sandberg said that like many women, she felt a lot of doubt about herself. She said that when men do something well, they believe it’s them, but when women do something well, they believe it’s help from others. She said that she wants to teach women to believe in themselves. She said that when there’s a promotion available, men are always in her office, asking her about the position, but women lean back more. She said they say things like, “I’m learning in my current job.” She said she wanted women to stop leaning back and start leaning in.

Good Morning America: Sheryl Sandberg Women Earning More College Degrees

Sheryl Sandberg said that women have learned more degrees than men for the past 30 years, but for the last ten years, there’s been no movement for women at the top. She listed several reasons for this, including public policy and the institutions themselves. But she said also that a lot of women are held back by the fact that men are not helping out at home, leaving women with the duties of both childcare and housework, in addition to what they do in the workplace.

GMA: Sheryl Sandberg Equal Partners

Sheryl Sandberg said that when women choose a partner, they should find someone who is actually going to help them out in all aspects of their life, including at home.

Good Morning America: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In Website

Sheryl Sandberg said she has a website,, which she hopes will accomplish three things. First, forming a community online, for men and women to share events from their lives. She said that it’s also about helping women learn how to change things for themselves. She said there are lectures on the site on how to negotiate for yourself. There’s also circles users can join for support.

Sheryl Sandberg said that leaning in at the boardroom may not be for everyone. A lot of women are happy where they are in the workplace. But she said that leaning in in life is for everyone.


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