GMA: Sarah Blakely Spanx Donation & Leonardo DiCaprio Art Auction


Good Morning America: Spanx Founder Signs Donation Pledge

Good Morning America: Sarah Blakely and Leonardo DiCaprio Give Back

Leonardo DiCaprio’s art auction raised $39 million for his environmental foundation. (Debby Wong /

Sarah Blakely, founder of Spanx, the popular body shaping undergarments, and self-made billionaire, signed Bill Gates‘ giving pledge, agreeing to donate half of her fortune to charity. Sarah has always had a passion for helping women, so her large donation will be going to women’s causes. With this pledge, Sarah joins the ranks of 140 other wealthy individuals who have donated half of their fortunes to good causes. Sarah said that growing up she always knew she would one day be able to help women, but she “never knew it would start with their butts!”


Good Morning America: Leonardo DiCaprio Art Auction

Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh off of the opening weekend starring as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, held an art auction at Christie’s Auction House to benefit his environmental foundation. Leo and Christie’s were hoping to raise $18 million, but were able to rake in $39 million for the foundation.

Thirty-three pieces by famous artists, including famed street artist Banksy, were auctioned and went for record prices. Among some of the famous names in attendance were Bradley Cooper, Mark Ruffalo, Selma Hayek, and Leo’s Gatsby costar Tobey Maguire, who spent more than $250,000 on a painting.

One generous donor matched the $5 million spent on three paintings of tigers, with all $10 million going to help save the endangered animals. Leo is now taking time off from acting to spend his time working with his foundation to help the environment and endangered animals.



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