GMA: Ryan Reynolds The Croods Red Carpet & Aspirin Melanoma Risk


GMA: Pope Selection Process Begins

Josh Elliott was in Rome on GMA March 11 2013 to cover the latest on the Papal Conclave. The 115 voting cardinals are now in place and will take their first vote tomorrow night. Josh Elliott said that vote is unlikely to result in a two thirds majority, but instead, was a more of a diagnostic vote to find out who the front runners are.

GMA: U.S. Troops Attacked In Afghanistan

GMA: Ryan Reynolds The Croods Red Carpet & Aspirin Melanoma Risk

“Ryan Reynolds, you’re a lucky man,” Lara Spencer said on GMA March 11 2013, in reference to the fact that Ryan Reynolds showed up on the red carpet with two of Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies, his wife Blake Lively, and actress Emma Stone. (Jaguar PS /


A man dressed as a police officer shot and killed two Americans in the eastern part of Afghanistan, in the Wardak Province. The Afghan president had ordered American troops to withdraw from that region by March 10 2013. No official word yet from the Pentagon.

GMA: North Korea Nullifies Ceasefire

North Korea has nullified the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean War. It made this announcement just as the U.S. began joint military drills with South Korean forces.

GMA: 2013 Gas Prices Falling

The national average for gasoline prices have come down. Gas prices dropped five cents today, the first decrease since before Christmas, and are expected to drop another 10-15 cents in the coming days.


GMA: Aspirin Melanoma Risk Reduction

A new study found that women who took Aspirin daily lowered their risk for melanoma by more than 20%. The longer they took the aspirin, the more protection it gave them.

GMA: More Hosts Of The View Leaving?

Last week, GMA reported that Joy Behar would be leaving The View after 16 years of hosting the series. Joy Behar was the last original cast member on the show. Now, other stars may be following suit. Elisabeth Hasselbeck may be leaving now after nearly 10 years, and even Barbara Walters may be leaving. Barbara Walters said she would clear up what is happening today on The View.

GMA: Corgi Gets Fired From The Audience

During a stage production of The Audience, a corgi named Lizzy was fired after refusing to make her entrance sixteen times in a row.  Now, the production is relying on a new corgi, named Coco.

GMA: Ryan Reynolds The Croods Red Carpet

Ryan Reynolds hit the red carpet with his wife Blake Lively, actress Emma Stone, and a man dressed up as a sloth from the movie, during the premiere of The Croods.


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