GMA: Ryan Gosling Taking an Acting Break & Chris Masters Uproots Tree


GMA: Rockets Fired Into Israel

During President Barack Obama’s visit to Israel, several rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, landing about 40 miles away from where he was. The President met with Palestinian leaders March 21 2013 and said that he thought talks between Palestine and Israel were possible, but difficult. Right now, he has not pushed any new plans to accomplish this.

GMA: White House Advisers Worry About Blind Spots

GMA: Ryan Gosling Taking an Acting Break & Chris Masters Uproots Tree

GMA reported March 21 2013 that Ryan Gosling is thinking about taking a break from acting. (s_bukley /


White House advisers say that spy agencies have been too focused on the war in Afghanistan and on drone strikes and have created intelligence blind spots which other nations in the Middle East or China could take advantage of.

GMA: Corruption Case Causes Scandal

In Bell, California, five city council members have been convicted of stealing taxpayer money to give themselves six figure salaries, even though the city was bankrupt. The mayor still faces trial and was making double what the president makes at $800,000.

GMA: Former Pro Wrestler Chris Masters Uproots Tree To Save Mom

Former pro wrestler Chris Masters made headlines this morning after he uprooted a tree to save his mother from a burning building. When his mother became trapped inside her home during a fire, Chris Masters pulled a tree out of the ground with his bare hands and used it as a battering ram to break open a window.


GMA: Ryan Gosling Taking Acting Break?

Actor Ryan Gosling is thinking about taking a break to help put his work back into perspective. He said he thought he needed a break from himself as much as the audience needed him. Even though he’s talking about taking a break, don’t worry, there’s still plenty more to come from Ryan Gosling. The actor has two more movies coming out this year and his directorial debut, How To Catch a Monster, will be out in 2014. No wonder the guy needs a break.

GMA: Matthew McConaughey Says Wife Challenges Him

Lara Spencer asked if it’s too early to be on the Matthew McConaughey Oscar buzz train. Josh Elliott said he thought this qualified as first in line. Lara Spencer’s love for Matthew McConaughey knows no bounds.

Matthew McConaughey told Details magazine that his wife challenged him last year by pushing him to do two movies back to back. She also helps him by moving the family with him so they can all be together. Lara Spencer said that Matthew McConaughey’s new movie Mud has a lot of Oscar buzz and not just from her.

GMA: Vincent Kartheiser And Alexis Bledel Engaged

Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel are engaged. Alexis Bledel played a depressed housewife on Mad Men last season. The two live on opposite coasts, but make it work by making sure they see each other at least once every ten days.


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