GMA: Robin Roberts Welcome Back Special & Oscar Pistorius Bail Hearing


GMA: Robin Roberts Special

We’ve missed her smiling face and strong spirit. This morning, beautiful Robin Roberts smiled down from all of the screens in Times Square. She had been waiting 174 days to say, “Good Morning, America.”

It’s been exactly five months to the day that Robin received a bone marrow transplant. She left her froggy slippers at home and walked in to cheers from the crews of ABC News and Good Morning America. 


GMA: Robin Roberts Welcome Back Special & Oscar Pistorius Bail Hearing

The second day of Oscar Pistorius’ bail hearing brought forth new evidence in the case of Reeva Steenkamp’s murder. (Featureflash /

Robin said that she was surrounded by faith, family and friends through this journey and plans to continue thanking them all morning. Her doctors and colleagues were with her every step of the way. Robin said her mother used to tell her that we all have something and it’s important to keep going.

GMA: Obamas Welcome Back Robin

The first big surprise and welcome of the morning came from the White House. The Obamas said Robin has been an inspiration to them and they are so happy she is back. First Lady Michelle Obama said she is looking forward to her interview with Robin in a few days.


GMA: Oscar Pistorius Bail Hearing

In the second day of the bail hearing new evidence and details surrounding the murder of model Reeva Steenkamp came to the surface. The chief investigator took the stand and revealed what he found in Oscar Pistorius’ home and why he thinks it’s murder. He said there is no way this could have been an accident

Forensics suggest that Pistorius was standing in the master bathroom when he shot Steenkamp through the door to a small powder room. She was crouched in a defensive position. A witness for the prosecution believes he put his prosthetic legs on before going after Steenkamp. Pistorius said he thought she was an intruder and tried to revive her.

GMA: Reeva Steenkamp Murder Evidence

The investigators also found two boxes of testosterone in Pistorius’ home. Pistorius’ representative said those were herbal supplements.

The prosecution pulled out witnesses that claim to have heard fighting between 3 and 4 a.m. They said they saw lights on in the home in the early hours of the morning that Steenkamp was killed.

This is just a bail hearing and there will be more detailed forensics and ballistics run in the investigation. There is reason to believe that Pistorius could be a flight risk.


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