GMA: Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Kim Karadshian Divorced & Cupping?


GMA: Reese Witherspoon Arrested

Reese Witherspoon was arrested this past Friday in Atlanta after she started yelling at police officers when she and her husband were pulled over for drunk driving. She even got to use the famous line, “don’t you know who I am.” But in Reese Witherspoon fashion she apologized for the incident promptly, saying she was wrong to yell at the police officer and she was very sorry for what she had done.

People magazine managing editor Larry Hackett pointed out Witherspoon had to fess up to the crimes before the police reports came out because if she hadn’t, the whole ordeal would have looked a lot worse.


GMA: Reese Witherspoon Arrested, Kim Karadshian Divorced & Cupping?

Good Morning America learned about what Reese Witherspoon said after she was arrested, Kim Kardashian is divorced and Jennifer Aniston is cupping. (Featureflash /

GMA: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Finalize Divorce

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian have finalized their divorce. While Humphries did not get the marriage annulled like he had hoped, everyone seems to think the divorce is the best for both of them. Hackett speculated that Humphries finally stopped pushing for the annulment because it could be too big a distraction for him in the NBA Playoffs.

“This is like the marriage version of the five second rule,” joked Hackett, referring to the couple’s 72 day marriage.


GMA: Nicole Eggert Takes Spill On Splash

Nicole Eggert was rushed to the hospital this past week after she tried a complicated dive on the show Splash. While no video of the spill has been released, Eggert did tweet being in the ER is not fun.

Lara Spencer, who used to dive in college, said any small mistake on the platform can be very bad.

“Even a slight miscalculation and you will get bruised,” she said.

GMA: Jennifer Aniston Cupping

Have you ever heard of cupping? It is the hottest new celebrity trend but this ancient form of healing has been around for thousands of years.

Cupping is used to alleviate stress according to Dr. Lawrence Taw. The person is put on their back and a cup is heated to create suction before it is pulled off the back. Although it does leave some pretty nasty looking welts, celebrities are saying they love cupping because of the stress relief and the amount it helps with muscle tension.

While Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston and David Arquette are a few of the celebrities that love cupping, one Good Morning America correspondent said she didn’t like cupping because it kind of hurt and it left her with some unsightly bruises. Plus, no one actually knows if it works. Dr. Taw said better studies need to be done on the effects of cupping to gauge how well it works.


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