GMA: Queen Elizabeth & Toby Keith Send Prayers to Tornado Victims


Toby Keith & Queen Elizabeth Reaching Out to Oklahoma

GMA: Queen Elizabeth & Toby Keith Send Prayers to Tornado Victims

Toby Keith, Queen Elizabeth, the Pope and so many more have sent prayers and thoughts to the victims of the devastating tornado in Oklahoma. (s_bukley /

In the wake of the devastating monster tornado that stomped through Oklahoma, celebrities and officials are send their thoughts to the people affected. Country singer Toby Keith grew up in Moore, Oklahoma, the area hit hardest by the May 20 twisters.


“My heart and prayers go to those who have lost so much,” Keith said. “But Moore is strong and we will persevere.”

Queen Elizabeth also offered her “heartfelt condolences” to the people affected by the tornado. Pope Francis tweeted out his thoughts on the tornado and prayers for the victims.

You can give to help those affect by the massive tornado in Oklahoma at

Jodi Arias’ Attorneys Try to Withdraw From Trial

Jodi Arias will take the stand May 21 in her final defense. She was scheduled to speak to the jury on Monday, May 20, but her defense had other plans. They attempted to withdraw from the trial, claiming that Arias was not given a fair trial. They equated Arias’ murder trial to the Salem Witch Trials.

The judge of course denied their withdrawal and trial is moving forward. They agreed to stay, even though they had no choice, but said they will not call any witnesses. Arias’ attorneys claim that her childhood friend and witness Patricia Womack pulled out of testifying because she received death threats.

What Will Jodi Arias Say on The Stand?

GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams said that what Jodi Arias says and how she says it today is crucial. She’s going to be walking on eggshells during her final plea. Abrams believes that she needs to apologize because there is no chance that a whole jury will say no to the death penalty. The defense is banking on one or two jurors breaking off from the pack.

Whatever Arias says today, it will be interesting and worth watching.



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    The only comparison I can think of between Jodi Arias and the Salem With Trials is that it seems like her trial also started about 300 years ago.

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