GMA Proof of Heaven Review, Miraclebody Jeans Review & DITA Sunglasses


Good Morning America: Mascara Wars – L’Oreal Vs Dior

Is it really possible to get your eyelashes looking like Natalie Portman’s lashes? Can mascara really make them look so perfect, exaggerated and tidy? L’Oreal does not think so. The company have went to authorities in Britain saying a Dior ad portraying Portman with some very long, beautiful lashes is misleading consumers. And the authorities agreed.

L’Oreal told British authorities the recent ad was misleading consumers in to thinking they would be able to have eyelashes as perfect as Portman’s, causing the authorities to pull the ad in Britain. Dior stated the ad was touched up for a more stylized, uniform and tidy effect, adding very little retouching took place in relation to the thickness of the lashes.


The complaint may have come as a surprise to Dior because L’Oreal was recently cited for similar issues pertaining to a Julia Roberts ad they had run.

Gretta Monahan, stylist, said the best way to get the look most stars have in ads is by using fake lashes along with mascara.

Good Morning America: Proof of Heaven Review

GMA Proof of Heaven Review, Miraclebody Jeans Review & DITA Sunglasses

Good Morning America talks about Oprah’s Deals & Steals with Miraclebody Jeans, DITA Sunglasses and more. (s_bukley /


Dr. Eben Alexander almost died. The Harvard trained neurosurgeon almost passed away after an infection attacked his brain and he plunged into a come. But it was a blessing. Dr. Alexander said while in the coma he saw heaven. And he has proof.

In his book, Proof of Heaven, Dr. Alexander states he was rescued by a spinning white light that played a beautiful melody.

The light eventually led him to a bright valley, where God was a vast presence of love. He rode on the wings of a butterfly with a guide who told him he was loved and there was nothing he had to fear.

Many skeptics may dismiss the claim as a dream or hallucination, but Dr. Alexander said his brain was so ravaged by the infection there was no way it could have been either. Even brain scans show little activity in his brain. But the real evidence came when his biological parents, Dr. Alexander was adopted, showed him a picture of a sister he never knew he had. This women was his guide on the butterfly wings.

Oprah’s Favorite Things: Deals and Steals Oprah Edition

Good Morning America had a special Oprah edition of Deals and Steals, featuring some of Oprah’s favorite things.

  • Miraclebody Jeans Slimming Apparel – These jeans are designed to make any women look skinnier by hugging the body in all the right places. And the jeans come in a variety of styles and sizes, from bootcut to straight leg, from sizes 2 to 16. Original price for the jeans was $72 to $188, but with the GMA deal the jeans are only $36 to $59. Promo code: GMA
  • DITA Sunglasses – Some of the most influential names in the entertainment industry swear by these sunglasses, including Oprah was wearing them earlier in the day. Original price for the glasses were $225 to $575, but with the GMA deal the glasses are only $112.50 to $287.50, a 50% deal the company has never done before. Promo code: GMA50
  • The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer – Learn how you can achieve true inner freedom and self-discovery with this book. Oprah swears by it, saying she gives it to everyone she meets because it can help people to have a transcendent life. Original price of the book is $16.95, but with the GMA deal the book is only $8.48. Promo code: GMA
  • O: The Oprah Magazine – Thoughtful, engaging content can be found in the pages of every issue. Original price for a 1-year subscription is normally $54, but with the GMA deal the magazine subscription is only $12.
  • Kiehl’s Body Butter – A must-have to keep skin feeling soft and hydrated. Oprah said it is perfect for getting rid of ashy skin. The original price of the body butter is $38 to $48, but with the GMA deal it is only $19 to $24. Promo code: GMA50


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