GMA: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns & Melissa McCarthy Weight Under Attack


GMA: Pope Benedict XVI Announces Resignation

Good Morning America reported that Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation, citing his advanced age and diminished strength. The 85-year-old pope is expected to resign on February 28 2013.

Typically, popes die in office. This is a highly unusual move by the pope, who announced the resignation at the Vatican, in a speech he delivered in Latin. Pope Benedict XVI has been in office since 2005.


A new pope is expected to be chosen by Easter.

GMA: Cruise Ship’s Power Knocked Out

GMA: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns & Melissa McCarthy Weight Under Attack

Actress Melissa McCarthy has come under attack by movie critic Rex Reed, who said in a recent review that the actress is “tractor-sized” and a “female hippo.” (Helga Esteb /

The Carnival cruise liner Triumph had its power knocked out by a fire in the engine room and is floating helplessly this morning. Its 4200 passengers have to wait until Tuesday, February 12 2013 for a ship to tug them home.


GMA: Lindsey Vonn Recovery

American Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn is recovering from a knee surgery she underwent to repair the damage to her knee ligament she received in Austria. She is expected to recover in time for the Winter Olympics in Russia next year.

GMA: Justin Bieber’s Failed Live Web Stream

Justin Bieber was missing from the Grammy Awards last night, because he promised his fans a live web stream. Unfortunately, so many people tuned in that the web stream crashed.

To make it up to his fans, Justin Bieber made a video of himself last night shirtless, with his younger siblings. The young pop star had a big weekend this week, as this past Saturday he pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live as host and musical guest. He revealed at SNL that he does have a Valentine, actress and The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

GMA: Ben Affleck Continues Winning Streak

Director Ben Affleck continued his winning streak at the awards shows this season, picking up a BAFTA award for Best Film for his movie Argo. Every Best Film winner at the BAFTAs for the past four years has gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars.

GMA: Melissa McCarthy Weight Attack

Actress Melissa McCarthy came under attack by movie critic Rex Reed after her movie Identity Thief opened to a $36 million weekend, $10 million more than Bridesmaids and the biggest opening so far this year.

Critic Rex Reed called her “tractor-sized,” “a female hippo” and “a humongous creep” in a recent review. The critic is now being attacked. Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet came to her defense on Twitter, saying, “Turns out, Red Reed didn’t die sad and alone 10 years ago. Nope, he’s alive and starving for attention, so let’s give him some.”

Neither Melissa McCarthy or Rex Reed are talking about this in the media.


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