GMA Pop News: Is Pippa Middleton Moving to NYC?


GMA Pop News: Kellie Pickler & Pippa Middleton at the U.S. Open

Can’t get enough Pippa Middleton? GMA has got you covered with another Middleton-themed edition of Pop News! Lara Spencer spilled the day’s top entertainment news stories on Good Morning America September 5.

GMA: Kellie Pickler Shaves Head

Good Morning America: Pippa Middleton NYC

Could royal in-law Pippa be making the move to NYC? GMA investigated rumors on September 5. (Simon James /


The last time a female celebrity made news for shaving her head, she went a little crazy (remember Britney?). However, country star Kellie Pickler has just recently chopped off all her locks for an incredible cause. Kellie’s friend, 35-year-old Summer Miller, is a cancer patient who lost her hair due to chemotherapy. To show support and to help bring attention to the important cause of early detection, Kellie decided to shave her head, too. What an amazing sentiment and show of love between two friends.

GMA: Pippa Middleton at the U.S. Open

Pippa Middleton is still enjoying her time in New York, and she was most recently spotted at the U.S. Open as a guest of tennis star Roger Federer’s. According to sources, it seems that Pippa loves New York and may be considering a move. How about a “Pippa in New York” reality show?

GMA: John Mayer Vocal Surgery

Katy Perry may want John Mayer to be tight-lipped on their new relationship, but now the singer is quiet for another reason: he will soon undergo surgery on his vocal chords. John will not sing for months so that his voice can be rested. Get well soon, John!


GMA: ’80s Movies Return

Two of everyone’s favorite movies from the 1980s will soon be returning to America. To celebrate the film’s upcoming 30th anniversary, Steven Spielberg’s E.T. will be returning to theaters for one night only, October 3 2012. Plus, you will soon be able to catch Flashdance  on Broadway; so hopefully, those leg warmers are still stored away somewhere!


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