GMA Papal Conclave Holds First Vote & Ben Affleck Life After Oscar Win


GMA: Papal Conclave Holds Vote

Good Morning America reported that on the evening of March 12 2013, the papal conclave will hold a vote to see if they can elect a new Pope. For the first time in history, two American cardinals are on the shortlist of viable contenders: Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston and Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York. It’s believed that the first vote is often of a more ceremonial nature. Votes in the past on the first night of voting were cast for cardinals who were not serious contenders, but who the papal conclave wanted to honor with letting them hear their names be read aloud in the Sistine Chapel.

GMA: Super-Sized Soda Ban Blocked

GMA Papal Conclave Holds First Vote & Ben Affleck Life After Oscar Win

Ben Affleck has been relaxing since Argo won the Oscar, reportedly hanging out in sweats and eating ice cream. (DFree /


New York City’s ban on containers of soda larger than 16 ounces became widely talked about after being announced and soda fans and critics alike have been watching the story closely as it developed. March 12 2013 was supposed to be the first day it went into effect in the city, but a judge has blocked the ban, saying it has too many loopholes. The city is expected to appeal.

GMA: Woman Drives Into Dunkin Donuts

A woman drove her car in reverse right through the front window of a Dunkin Donuts. No one was hurt, although one man did fall down with his coffee. The woman said that her foot got stuck on the pedal.

GMA: Hooters Girl Makes Baseball Mistake

A ball during a Phillies games was shot right down the third base line and it was fair, but a Hooters girl sitting in a chair against the wall fielded the ball and then attempted to give it as a souvenir to people in the crowd.


GMA: Will Smith Raps Fresh Prince Theme For All-Girls School

Will Smith was in London to see his son perform as the opening act for Justin Bieber’s show. While he was there, he stopped by an all-girls school and did an impromptu performance of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme. Sam Champion claimed he didn’t know the words to this song, which Lara Spencer seemed to doubt.

GMA: Ben Affleck Relaxing Since Argo Won Oscar

Since Ben Affleck’s movie Argo won the Oscar for Best Picture, he has been laying low and relaxing, reportedly sitting on his couch in sweats and eating a lot of ice cream. I know that sounds like what the Oscar losers do, but I guess if you’re Ben Affleck, you do it either way. I wonder what he would have done if he lost?


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