GMA: Pamela Druckerman Bebe: Day By Day & Important Parenting Tips


GMA: Pamela Druckerman Bringing Up Bebe

Journalist and mother Pamela Druckerman, author of the book Bebe: Day By Day sat down with Good Morning America’s Amy Robach February 12 2013 to talk it. The book offers a kinder, gentler approach to parenting.

Pamela Druckerman said that while the book does embrace giving more freedom to children, it also sets more limits. For example, she advises that you don’t let your child interrupt an adult conversation. It’s important to let the child know there are personal boundaries and that these must be respected.


GMA: Pamela Druckerman Most Important Tips

GMA: Pamela Druckerman Bebe: Day By Day & Important Parenting Tips

Is French parenting better than American parenting? Pamela Druckerman says it works for her. She wrote the book Bebe: Day By Day and she stopped by Good Morning America to talk about it.

Pamela Druckerman said she received a lot of response from her first bookBringing Up Bebe, from readers who basically said that while they appreciated her personal story, they just wanted to know more about the parenting itself. The first book did have information about her life, raising children in Paris and living with a husband from the United Kingdom. This book, however, has 100 tips about French parenting for parents to know and a lot less about Pamela Druckerman herself.

Pamela Druckerman said she believed the most important role was the one about not interrupting. She said it really calms everything down because not only is the child expected not to interrupt the parents’ conversations, but the parent agrees not to interrupt the child when he or she is playing.


She also says in the book that getting children to say hello and goodbye is more important than please and thank you. She said that this is about empathy and getting children to realize there are people in the world besides them.

GMA: Pamela Druckerman French Women Versus American Women

Amy Robach mentioned that most French Women do the vast majority of childbearing and she said she didn’t like that French men get a pass. Pamela Druckerman said that statistically, American women do the vast majority of childbearing, too, but the difference is that American women are trying very hard to make it 50-50, whereas most French women don’t.

GMA: Pamela Druckerman Parenting Test

Amy Robach asked Pamela Druckerman parenting questions, where she had to say whether one option or another was better.

First up was, if your newborn is fussing in the middle of the night, should you a) ignore them completely or b) wait 5 minutes, then go in. Pamela Druckerman said she waiting five minutes is what she advised because it’s important to give the baby a chance to connect sleep cycles on his or her own.

Should parents a) make kids try everything or b) always have an alternative available? Pamela Druckerman said she believes in the one bite rule.


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