GMA: Oscar Pistorius Gun On Bedside Table & AAA Gas Price Predictions


GMA: Pre-Show Routine

While yesterday we saw a lot of what goes on at Good Morning America behind the scenes, something we did get to see was the GMA pre-show routine with Robin and her co-hosts. Robin and Lara Spencer jumped up and down, happy to be back together. George Stephanopoulos just smiled and stayed grounded.

GMA: Oscar Pistorius Bail Hearing

One of the most high profile cases out of South Africa in history, Oscar Pistorius‘ bail hearing entered day three today. In a shocking twist, the key witness and chief investigator on the case is accused of seven counts of attempted murder charges. In 2011 he was charged along with a team of police and investigators who shot into a minivan full of people.


Now his credibility comes into account. The investigator is the key piece in the prosecution’s case. He’s the one talking about Pistorius shooting Reeva Steenkamp through a bathroom door with his prosthetic legs on. His testimony was shaky and the magistrates will now decide if he is a credible witness to continue.

GMA: Oscar Pistorius Gun On Bedside Table & AAA Gas Price Predictions

New York Daily News revealed what was on Oscar Pistorius’ night table.

Oscar Pistorius: Gun On Bedside Table

In other developments, New York Daily News published a spread of what is on Pistorius’ night table. The photos were from a photo shoot from Paris Match magazine. Among keys, a television remote and a watch, Pistorius had a gun on the table. The investigation is trying to prove that Pistorius’ gun holster was left under Steenkamp’s side of the bed. This would have meant that Pistorius knew she wasn’t in bed and it wasn’t an intruder in his home.


Records are showing that Pistorius took out six gun permits just weeks before the accident. If the court can prove premeditation, it doesn’t look good for Pistorius.

GMA: Rising Gas Prices

The last five weeks have been hard on drivers with record high prices at the pump. This could be the 35th straight day of rising gas prices. Rising prices like these haven’t been seen since 2009, when the country was in a recession. California has the highest gas prices in the country, seeing about $5 a gallon, and Wyoming has the cheapest.

AAA expects these prices to fall and plateau eventually. Companies have already started their yearly maintenance on oil refineries, adding to the jump in prices. One car dealership in Sacramento is feeling the pain so bad they make anyone who test drives a car fill it up at the end of the drive.

AAA has a few tricks you can try to get your gas to go farther.

  • Don’t speed, drive the speed limit.
  • Check your tire pressure.
  • Accelerate gradually and avoid jack rabbit starts.


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