GMA: North Korea Nuclear Threat To U.S. & Jessica Simpson Having a Boy


GMA: North Korea Nuke Threat

Good Morning America reported March 7 2013 that North Korea has threatened a nuclear strike in retaliation for new financial penalties imposed by the UN for its nuclear program. The nation is known for its boisterous threats. The White House called it “provocative rhetoric.”

GMA: Economy Continues To Grow

GMA: North Korea Nuclear Threat To U.S. & Jessica Simpson Having a Boy

Jessica Simpson accidentally revealed she is having a boy on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (s_bukley /


The Dow is set to surge even more today, after more signs that the economy is growing. More than 200,000 jobs have been created in the private sector in the last month.

GMA: President Obama Dinner With Senators

President Baracak Obama treated a dozen Republican senators to dinner. One senator described the dinner as an open discussion. Obama also invited Paul Ryan to join him.

GMA: Major Heist At Gucci

At Gucci’s flagship store in London, a stolen Mercedes crashed through the wall last night. The thieves inside grabbed everything in sight, taking with them nearly $3 million in merchandise.


GMA: Beverly Hills Cop Comes To Television

Beverly Hill Cop was one of the biggest franchises of the 80s and now it’s coming to television. Eddie Murphy has signed on to make a cameo as his wise-cracking character Axel Foley, and Judge Reinhold has also signed on for a cameo.

GMA: Jessica Simpson Accidentally Reveals Too Much

First, Kate Middleton possibly (but probably didn’t) revealed the gender of her baby, and then Jessica Simpson accidentally revealed the gender of her baby. During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the singer said, “I never knew that a wiener could actually make me nauseous.” The crowd and Jimmy laughed and then Jimmy asked what she meant to say there. Jessica Simpson said she just revealed to the world she’s having a boy by accident. Other things she revealed: a weird sense of humor and a lack of grammar. She meant “nauseated” in that sentence.

I always remember that mistake because of Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore corrects someone who asked if she was “nauseous” by saying, “Nauseated. I’m nauseated,” right before throwing up. It was a great scene.

GMA: Heidi the Doggy Paddling Rabbit

There are a lot of swimming pets in the news lately, including Holly the Swimming Cat, and now there’s Heidi the Doggy Paddling Rabbit. The bunny has arthritis and the doggy paddling helps her with that condition. At first, she was concerned about water getting into her ears, but now she ties them back with a scrunchie.


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