GMA: New Anchorman 2 Trailer & Cap’n Crunch Not Really A Captain?


Good Morning America: California Couple Has Bacon-Themed Wedding

On Sunday, a California couple had  a bacon-themed wedding. From the groom’s boutonniere to the brides bouquet to the bacon bits used in place of the rice, this wedding really brought home the bacon (GET IT?!). The couple won a pork-lovers contest and will be honeymooning in Baltimore, the bacon capital of the world, for the 12th annual Pig Town Festival and the running of the pigs. This bacon craze really seems to be tightening its hold on pop culture.

GMA: Anchorman 2 Gets Second Trailer


GMA: Anchorman 2 Trailer & Cap'n Crunch Not Really A Captain?

Anchorman 2 is coming out in December. To hold you over, there has been a new trailer released. (s_bukley /

Anchorman sequel Anchorman 2 now has a second trailer, as announced by Ron Burgundy himself on Twitter last night along with a movie poster saying, “Here’s a poster as an appetizer to trailer coming tomorrow. Yes I’m in a kimono smoking a cigar while writing this.”

Judging by the trailer, I say with little hesitation that it looks like Anchorman 2 truly will be just as good as or outshine its predecessor. With lines like, “I’m gonna do the thing that God put Ron Burgundy on this earth to do: have salon-quality hair and ready the news.” The bad news? The movie isn’t coming out until December, so hopefully this trailer will sate your appetite until then.


Good Morning America: Cap’n Crunch Not Really A Captain?

Cereal Cap’n Crunch’s mascot, Horatio Magellan Crunch, appears to be coming under fire on the internet for a recently discovered flaw in the mascot’s uniform. According to a fan of the cereal that has spent just a little too much time eyeing over a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal, while “Captain” Crunch only has three stripes on his uniform, a captain requires four, which means that Cap’n Crunch should really be Commander Crunch. Obviously, Cap’n Crunch took to Twitter to respond to such accusations, saying, “Of course I’m a captain. It’s the crunch, not the clothes, that make a man.”



  1. Michael Mills says

    Captain Crunch is a captain. The highest ranking individual on board a vessel is referred to as Captain.

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