GMA: Netflix’s New Season of Arrested Development Premieres May 26


Good Morning America: Arrested Development on Netflix

GMA: Netflix's New Season of Arrested Development Premieres May 26

The highly anticipated season four premiere of Arrested Development is May 26. (Helga Esteb /

Promotion for the new season of Arrested Development is in full swing. Outside of the GMA studios stood a stand selling the Bluth family’s famous frozen bananas, complete with two employees wearing Bluth’s Frozen Bananas uniforms, a man in a banana suit (Mr. Bananagrabber, if you will) and a man in an orange jumpsuit.


If none of this means anything to you, don’t make a huge mistake by not checking out the first three seasons of Arrested Development, all streaming on Netflix, before the highly anticipated premiere of the fourth season. The entire season will stream on Netflix starting on Sunday, May 26, so gather your family to watch and see what’s up with America’s most dysfunctional one.

Will the Bluths ever be in the clear? Can Lucille ever have her boat party without the police showing up? What will happen when George Michael and Maeby are away at college together—will there be a Les Cousins Dangereux: Part 2? Tune in (or stream in) to find out. In the mean time, here is the trailer for season four of Arrested Development.


Good Morning America: Netflix Stocks Up Due To Original Series

Fans of Arrested Development are not the only ones excited about the upcoming new season. Shares of Netflix stocks have jumped to the highest they have been in more than a year and have seen a 150 percent surge since January.

These increases are largely due to the fourth season of Arrested Development, but also Netflix’s original series House of Cards, an American version, starring Kevin Spacey, of the BBC hit political drama. Netflix expects memberships to increase as well with the exclusive streaming of season four of Arrested Development.


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