GMA Miranda Kerr Green Juice & Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host Oscars Again


GMA: Miranda Kerr Organic Green Juice

Supermodel Miranda Kerr stopped by Good Morning America February 27 2013 to talk about her favorite organic green juice. All of the anchors tried her green juice, which contained kale, cucumber, E3 live, lemon, celery and aloe. She said that the drink is very alkalizing and energizing and makes her feel good. Sam Champion joked that they should drink the juice every time someone says good morning, like a drinking game.

GMA: Pope Benedict Says Goodbye

George Stephonpoulos was at the Vatican February 27 2013, to report on Pope Benedict’s farewell to the crowd. Stephonopoulos said that while Miranda Kerr’s juice looked good, he’d rather have Italian espresso. He said that the Pope’s speech to huge crowds of people had a mixed message, with moments of joy, but also highlighting the difficulties of being Pope.


GMA Miranda Kerr Green Juice & Seth MacFarlane Won't Host Oscars Again

Miranda Kerr stopped by Good Morning America February 27 2013 to talk about the health benefits of organic green juices. (s_bukley /

GMA: Officer Killed In Shootout

Two officers shot in Northern California while investigating an assault have now died from their injuries. The suspected shooter was a former Marine and was later killed during the pursuit.

GMA: Maine Women’s Basketball Team Bus Crashes Off Highway

A tour bus carrying the University of Maine’s Women’s Basketball Team crashed off I-95 just north of Boston. The driver reportedly suffered a medical condition and veered off the road as a result. The players were all okay.


GMA: Breast Cancer On the Rise

Scientists are baffled by a slight increase in breast cancer among younger women aged 25-39. They say there are several factors that could be to blame, like alcohol and delayed pregnancies.

GMA: Germany Builds Tropical Paradise

In Germany, a tropical paradise for tourists has been constructed in an airplane hanger. A beach was imported there, as well as palm trees and water. From the inside, it looks like a tropical paradise. Elizabeth Vargas said that she wasn’t surprised that Germans would do this, because “they have like one day of summer there.” Elizabeth Vargas she didn’t mean any offense to Germans and said she grew up there.

GMA: Seth MacFarlane Won’t Host Academy Awards Again

Seth MacFarlane said on Twitter that he wouldn’t host the Oscars again. The Family Guy creator said in a pre-Oscar interview that it was too much work with everything else he has going on, including creating Ted 2.

GMA: Audrey Hepburn Stars In Chocolate Commercial

British chocolate producers have used footage from Audrey Hepburn’s Roman Holiday to put her in a commercial. The new commercial shows Audrey Hepburn being rescued by a dashing stranger before enjoying a Galaxy chocolate bar.



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    Can someone please give me the actual recipe for Miranda Kerr’s Green drink recipe. I know the ingredients, but do not have the acutal amounts. Thanks much!

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