GMA: Meteorite Explodes In Russia & Katy Perry’s Valentine’s Day Date


GMA: Meteorite Explodes In Russia

Good Morning America reported February 15 2013 that a meteorite exploded over Russia, injuring 700 people, most of whom were hurt by glass from windows that exploded from the impact. A lot of people thought war was breaking out.

The meteorite there is unconnected to the asteroid that is scheduled to pass by Earth later today.


GMA: Meteorite Explodes In Russia & Katy Perry's Valentine's Day Date

Katy Perry and John Mayer spent Valentine’s Day together, having dinner in Brentwood, California. (s_bukley /

GMA: Carnival Cruise Ship Makes It To Alabama

Passengers from the Carnival cruise ship that was stranded without power in the Gulf of Mexico finally made it to Alabama, where passengers kissed the ground as they left the ship. Horror stories of the days spent on the cruise ship without power are coming to light. People reportedly slept on the decks, because the air conditioning was broken and the toilets were backed up. They slept out there even in the rain.

GMA: Oscar Pistorius Faces Trial

Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius cried in court this morning as he was charged with killing his girlfriend. Prosecutors have revealed that there were previous complaints of domestic disputes at his home. The first double amputee to complete in the Olympics, Oscar Pistorius will be held in his native South Africa until trial.


GMA: Baby Eats 42 Refrigerator Magnets

A 16-month-old baby was left in the kitchen alone by his mother for only a few minutes when the boy swallowed 42 refrigerator magnets. The doctors were able to remove all the magnets. The x-ray they showed looked like a star constellation was in his stomach.

GMA: Maggie Smith Doesn’t Watch Downton Abbey

Maggie Smith, star of Downton Abbey, has said that she doesn’t watch the show because she agonizes over her performance, thinking about all the ways she could’ve done the scene differently. Lara Spencer and Sam Champion both said that she didn’t need to, because she’s wonderful.

GMA: Hollywood Stars Enjoy Valentine’s Day

For those keeping track, here are what some Hollywood stars did for Valentine’s Day: John Mayer and Katy Perry went to dinner in Brentwood, California and Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon went for a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage. But reportedly, Chris Brown and Rihanna ignored each other at an L.A. night club.


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