GMA: Matthew McConaughey Spirit Award & Kristen Stewart On Crutches?


GMA: Coast Guard Searching For Sailboat

Good Morning America February 25 2013 reported that the coast guard is searching south of San Francisco for four people, including two young children. Their sailboat sank on Sunday and they abandoned ship with no life raft.

GMA: Lawsuit Against Cruise Ship Captain

Prosecutors in Italy are looking at legal action against the captain of the Costa Concordia, which grounded on a reef, killing 32 people, including two Americans. The charges would include multiple manslaughter charges, and five other crew members could be charged as well.


GMA: Matthew McConaughey Spirit Award & Kristen Stewart On Crutches?

Matthew McConaughey won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor in the male stripper movie Magic Mike, which pleased Lara Spencer, who loves covering McConaughey. (s_bukley /

GMA: British Cardinal Keith O’Brien Resigns

Pope Benedict accepted the resignation of Britain’s top Cardinal, Keith O’Brien, who stands accused of having inappropriate acts with other men.

GMA: What Should We Eat To Avoid Heart Disease?

A new study in Spain found that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet to reduce the risk of heart disease. The study found that people who ate mostly fish, vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and nuts reduced their chance of a heart attack by as much as 30 percent, compared to people who ate a low fat diet.


GMA: Quvenzhane Wallis Cast As Annie

While Quvenzhane Wallis may not have won Best Actress at the Oscars, she will be starring in the new remake of Annie being produced by Jay-Z and Will Smith. Quvenzhane told Lara Spencer that if acting doesn’t work out, she wants to be a dentist. Josh Elliot commented that we’re all going to have to get a doggy purse now, after Quvenzhane rocked one at the Oscars.

GMA: Matthew McConaughey Gets Independent Spirit Award

Matthew McConaughey won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor in Magic Mike, in which he played a stripper. This made Lara Spencer really happy, as she recently declared on GMA that Matthew McConaughey was the most mentioned actor on her Pop News segment, coming in at 32 mentions in the past year.

Upon winning the award, Matthew McConaughey sang a song into the microphone about how he had to drop his drawers to win an award. Lara Spencer was so flustered introducing the clip that she accidentally referred to him as “Michael,” instead of “Matthew.”

GMA: Kristen Stewart Walks Red Carpet On Crutches

Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet of the Oscars on crutches. Her makeup artist reportedly said the Twilight star stepped on glass a few days before the Oscars. Photographers were able to get a few shots of her without the crutches and she didn’t use them when she presented with Daniel Radcliffe.

Lara Spencer noted that a certain vampire costar was nowhere to be seen with Kristen Stewart. She didn’t mention that Robert Pattinson might’ve just appeared absent because vampires have no reflection and in some vampire continuities, can’t be photographed. But that’s probably because Robert Pattinson has never been confirmed to be a vampire in real life.


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