GMA: Luke Bryan Entertainer Of the Year & Melissa McCarthy Hosts SNL


GMA: Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Dies

Good Morning America reported April 8 2013 that former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died. Margaret Thatcher, known as the “Iron Lady” passed away following a stroke. She has had several strokes in the past and apparently died peacefully. She was 87.

GMA: American Fighter Jet Down In the Persian Gulf

GMA: Luke Bryan Entertainer Of the Year & Melissa McCarthy Hosts SNL

Luke Bryan won the Entertainer of the Year award at the Academy of Country Music Awards last night. (Helga Esteb /


An American fighter jet was downed in the waters of the Persian gulf. It’s unclear why the jet went down. The two crew members inside are okay – they both ejected and were rescued from the waters. The investigation to determine what happened is now underway.

GMA: North Korea Tensions Escalating

South Korean officials have said they suspect North Korea is preparing another nuclear test underground, as well as a possible missile launch. They said that could happen as early as Wednesday, April 10 2013.

GMA: Nutella Shipment Stolen

Thieves stole a shipment of Nutella from a parked trailer over the weekend in Germany. More than 11,000 pounds, five and a half tons of the spread, worth around $21,000, was taken.


GMA: Lilly Pulitzer Passes Away

Legendary fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer has passed away. Her happy printed dresses were made famous by Jackie Kennedy who wore one for a shoot in 1962. Lilly Pulitzer was 81-years-old.

GMA: Luke Bryan Wins Entertainer Of the Year

Academy of Country Music Awards co-host Luke Bryan was shocked last night by his win of Entertainer of the Year. His win was surprising to a lot of other people as well, as he beat out stars like Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean and fellow co-host Blake Shelton. Luke Bryan said during his speech he was so worried about his hosting duties, he couldn’t even remember what awards he was up for, let alone hoping to win one.

GMA: Melissa McCarthy Hosts Saturday Night Live

Melissa McCarthy did a great job of hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. She played a talentless contestant trying out for The Voice and a masochistic basketball coach. Lara Spencer said she was laugh out loud funny.

GMA: Paris Hires Sheep

The mayor of Paris has hired four small black sheep next to their municipal archives building to mow a half acre patch of grass. The move is part of his eco-grazing project to cut out the use of gas-guzzling lawn mowers and pesticides. If successful, the mayor will consider using the sheep in many other parts of the city. Elizabeth Vargas wondered if there would also be a flotilla of pooper scoopers.


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