GMA: Leonardo DiCaprio Wears Mask in Venice & Game of Thrones Wedding


Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum Welcome a Baby Girl

Congratulations to new parents, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum! They welcomed their first child in London on Thursday. Us Weekly is reporting that they are now that parents of a baby girl. The couple hasn’t released any details about their child.

Channing is currently filming his new movie, Jupiter Ascending. The couple will return to the states in one month, as Jenna Dewan-Tatum is set to begin filming a TV pilot, Witches of East End.


GMA: Leonardo DiCaprio Wears Mask in Venice & Game of Thrones Wedding

Leonardo DiCaprio stunned fans, paparazzi and tourists in Venice when he sported a strange mask around the city. He munched on pizza under the mask. (s_bukley /

Leonardo DiCaprio Wears a Mask in Venice

Leonardo DiCaprio was bringing back the style of another millionaire mogul over the weekend. The Great Gatsby star wanted some privacy while walking around Venice, Italy, and he thought a strange mask would be just the thing. Remember the days when Michael Jackson and his family would wear masks in public? Yeah, this is even stranger.

DiCaprio walked around Venice in what can be equated to half of a gas mask or a welder’s mask. He wasn’t able to escape the paparazzi, but he was able to munch on a piece of pizza.


Break Up Revenge Scavenger Hunt

This is a lesson in why you should be kind to your girlfriend. A burned woman wanted to give her ex-boyfriend’s belongings back, so she made it fun and full of revenge. She posted a letter online, telling her ex that he can find his possessions at prominent place from their relationship. She promised that she didn’t break or damage anything, but she did say he should hurry or else others will take his stuff.

Sean Parker’s $9 Million Game of Thrones Wedding

Sean Parker, millionaire, threw a $9 million wedding in Bug Sur. They had sets, forest scenes and sparked rumors that the wedding of Game of Thrones-themed. After last night’s devastatingly shocking episode, let’s hope not. (Fans of the book: The Red Wedding went down.)

Parker and his bride took photos in a fairytale wooded setting and guests included Allison Williams and Sting.


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